Monjasa’s Strategic Bunkering at Atlantic Outer Anchorage

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Monjasa bunkering at panama canal anchorage

Global bunker trading firm Monjasa shared insights on the strategic bunkering at Atlantic outer anchorage, The Panama Canal, a vital global trade route, is currently grappling with historically low water levels due to a severe drought, and this situation is rippling into the region’s bunkering logistics. Atlantic outer anchorage emerges as key refueling solution amid growing congestion at the Panama Canal.

“The increased waiting time of 10-15+ days has a direct impact on vessels expecting to take bunkers in the Cristobal area. We now see an increase in Atlantic Outer Anchorage fuel enquiries reflecting the time pressure and increased shipping costs that shipowners are currently facing,” says Kristian Hansen, Trading Director, Monjasa Americas.

Tanker operators, Penfield Marine LLC and Hafnia, consider this an increasingly viable refuelling option as overall operations costs are increasing: 

“Outer Anchorage supply is very important for our operation, not only it is right in the crosshairs of an important shipping lane, but our larger tankers can often not be accommodated at inner anchorage for bunkers. A joint survey and great customer service makes for a smooth operation,” says John Llewellyn, Penfield Marine LLC.

“The option to bunker at Outer Anchorage at Cristobal solves potential challenges with bunkering at inner anchorage such as draft limitation, restricted anchorage space and limited time for bunkering before transit,” explains Matias Engel, Hafnia.

Monjasa, in collaboration with the Panama Canal Authority, has played a pivotal role in the development of the Outer Anchorage marine fuel option, aligning it with the evolving needs of the maritime industry. The company’s proactive approach and commitment to delivering efficient and reliable bunkering solutions during challenging times are exemplified by the operation of their tanker, the Monjasa Striker (8,800-dwt).

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