MOL Welcomes New LNG-fueled Car Carrier CERULEAN ACE

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MOL LNG powered Cerulean ACE Launch

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) proudly announced the delivery of the LNG-fueled car carrier “CERULEAN ACE” from the Onishi Shipyard of Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., Ltd. This vessel, equipped with the latest environmentally friendly technology, symbolizes MOL’s commitment to sustainable shipping practices.

The “CERULEAN ACE” marks a significant milestone for MOL, as it is the first of 11 LNG-fueled car carriers to be constructed in Japan under the “BLUE” series. With this delivery, MOL advances steadily towards its goal of operating 90 LNG/methanol-fueled vessels by 2030, in alignment with its ambitious environmental targets.

MOL LNG powered Cerulean ACE

Designed to transport cars, including those manufactured by Mazda Motor Corporation, the “CERULEAN ACE” exemplifies MOL’s dedication to reducing emissions and minimizing environmental impact. By utilizing LNG fuel, this vessel achieves remarkable reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur oxide (SOx), and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions compared to conventional fuel oil-powered vessels.


Key features of the “CERULEAN ACE” include a widened breadth from 32m to 38m, increasing its capacity from approximately 6,400 to about 7,000 vehicles. Additionally, the vessel introduces an aerodynamic design, reducing wind resistance by 20%, further enhancing its efficiency and environmental performance.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology for safety and comfort, the “CERULEAN ACE” is equipped with an AI camera monitoring system that detects smoke and alerts crew members during testing. Moreover, a Starlink antenna ensures high-speed, low-latency connectivity, enhancing the well-being of crew members during their voyages.


During the naming and delivery ceremony on March 13, representatives from Mazda and MOL celebrated this momentous occasion. Takeshi Mukai, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Mazda, and Toshiaki Tanaka, Executive Vice President and Representative Director of MOL, expressed their excitement for the future of sustainable shipping and emphasized the importance of collaboration in achieving shared environmental goals.

Since its inception in 1965, MOL has been at the forefront of the global car carrier business, continuously expanding its services while prioritizing environmental responsibility. As the industry evolves, MOL remains committed to providing high-quality service to its customers through innovative, safe, and eco-friendly operations.

The “CERULEAN ACE” specifications are as follows:

  • Ship type: 7,050RT type LNGDF car carrier (high-pressure main engine)
  • Shipyard: Shin Kurushima Dockyard, Onishi Shipyard
  • LOA: 199.95m
  • Breadth: 38.00m
  • Capacity: 7,050 units

Inspired by the “BLUE” series, the name “CERULEAN” signifies “blue sky” or “sky blue” in Spanish, reflecting MOL’s vision for a cleaner, more sustainable maritime future. With the delivery of the “CERULEAN ACE,” MOL takes another significant step towards realizing its environmental objectives and shaping the future of shipping.

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