Deltamarin and BAR Technologies Unveil Sustainable Shipping Solutions

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Deltamarin BAR Technologies sustainable shipping

BAR Technologies and Deltamarin, leading innovators in sustainable maritime solutions, unveiled groundbreaking advancements at the “Sustainable Seas: Towards the Green Transition” event hosted at the Royal Institution of Naval Architects in London. The collaboration between these two entities marks a significant stride towards long-term sustainability in the maritime industry.

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to esteemed guests by John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies, and Mauri Harki, Senior Advisor at Deltamarin, who introduced the partnership and its objectives.

Highlighting the international dimension of the green transition in shipping, Mr. Jukka Siukosaari, the Finnish Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Finland to the International Maritime Organization, shared invaluable insights into the collaborative endeavors between Finland and the UK in driving sustainable shipping practices.

Technical presentations delivered by Peter Kondratjeff, Senior Naval Architect of Deltamarin, and Simon Schofield, CTO of BAR Technologies, unveiled cutting-edge solutions, including:

  • The debut of ‘Aquilo,’ a revolutionary hull form designed to minimize drag through hydrodynamic optimization.
  • A preview of the innovative AeroBridge®, a superstructure design engineered by BAR Technologies to enhance ship efficiency by reducing drag and generating thrust.
  • Updates on the integration of BAR Technologies’ WindWings® into next-generation ship designs.
  • The remarkable efficiency achievements showcased by a LR2 vessel, consuming a mere 12.6 metric tonnes per day at 12.0 knots, resulting from the synergies between these technologies.

These presentations underscored the commitment of BAR Technologies and Deltamarin to lead the charge in green shipping innovation. By prioritizing the decarbonization of the shipping sector and enhancing vessel efficiency, both companies are shaping the future of sustainable maritime transportation.

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