MAN Energy Solutions and CCS Partner on Methanol Dual-Fuel Engine

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MAN ES and CCS Methanol Engine Partnership

MAN Energy Solutions and China Classification Society (CCS) have taken another significant step in their collaboration towards a decarbonized maritime industry. In an online ceremony held on February 27th, 2024, the two entities signed a sub-agreement, aligning with the Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) they previously established in September 2023 in Beijing. This strategic framework, focused on ‘Decarbonisation and Digitalisation in the maritime industry,’ is set to span five years.

The latest sub-agreement, marking the third such collaboration between the companies, centers around MAN Energy Solutions’ latest innovation, the MAN L21/31DF-M (Dual-Fuel Methanol) GenSet. Engineered at the company’s Danish facility in Holeby, this engine represents a pioneering solution for the maritime sector’s transition towards alternative fuels.

The agreement outlines a cooperative effort between MAN Energy Solutions and CCS to support the introduction of the new engine in the Chinese market. This includes facilitating all activities related to its planned Type Approval Test (TAT) in China, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024.

The signing ceremony, hosted by MAN Energy Solutions’ Classification Department in Copenhagen, saw representatives from both parties formally endorse the agreement. Signatories included Marine Product Department General Manager Jiang Botao and Jiangsu Plan Approval Center Manager Sun Qun from CCS, alongside Finn Fjeldhøj, Senior Manager and Site Manager at Holeby, and Lars Ascanius, Senior Manager for Two-Stroke Engine Lifecycle Management, representing MAN Energy Solutions.

Jiang Botao said: “MAN Energy Solutions, as a globally-renowned ship equipment manufacturer, takes the lead in the technological advancement of marine alternative-fuel engines and has long been one of CCS’s most important partners. The introduction of the MAN L21/31 DF-M methanol dual-fuel engine provides shipowners with more choices to achieve their decarbonisation goals. We much appreciate MAN Energy Solutions’ contribution and believe that the collaboration between it and CCS in alternative-fuel engines will surely make further contributions to a more sustainable future for the global maritime industry.” 

Sun Qun said: “We have witnessed an increased interest in methanol-fuelled ships in recent years as methanol is an important alternative fuel for greenhouse-gas-emissions reduction. We are delighted to collaborate with MAN Energy Solutions, the leading marine-power solution provider, on this methanol dual-fuel engine to contribute to ship safety and maritime decarbonisation. CCS is fully committed to working with MAN Energy Solutions to complete the approval and delivery of this type of methanol dual-fuel engine.”

Fjeldhøj said: “The MAN L21/31 engine is well-established in the market having notched some 2,750 sales to date. With the shipping market currently experiencing an increased interest in methanol as marine fuel, we feel that the introduction of this dual-fuel engine is timely. This collaboration with CCS will provide great support to the new MAN L21/31 DF-M variant upon its entry to the Chinese market.”

Ascanius said: “It is very positive news for MAN Energy Solutions that we can now reveal this new development with China Classification Society, whom we greatly value as an esteemed partner. This latest announcement represents a further step towards a multi-fuel, decarbonised future that is quickly becoming a prominent consideration for shipowners in all vessel segments and sizes.”

SFA background

The Strategic Framework Agreement serves as a flexible framework for MAN Energy Solutions and CCS to expand their collaboration through sub-agreements as needed. Prior to this latest agreement, the companies had already established two other sub-agreements, covering the introduction of MAN Energy Solutions’ two-stroke methanol engine to the CCS Global Fleet and updates to Class Rules for the CCS Global Fleet.

MAN 2131DF-M

The MAN L21/31DF-M engine, built on a simple port fuel-injection concept for enhanced reliability and reduced capital-outlay time, represents a significant advancement in marine propulsion technology. With a power range spanning 1,000–1,980 kW, it is well-suited for a wide range of merchant vessels, contributing to the industry’s efforts towards sustainability and decarbonization.

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