KEYS Azalea Concludes First STS LNG Bunkering in West Japan

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KEYS Bunkering Azalea First LNG Bunker

Newbuild LNG bunker vessel, KEYS Azalea, successfully conducted its first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering in western Japan. The bunkering operation, which took place on April 10 at the Port of Hiroshima, marked a pivotal moment in promoting the use of LNG as a marine fuel and driving forward efforts to reduce environmental impact in the region.

The recipient of this historic LNG bunkering was the NYK Line’s PCTC “Daisy Leader,” marking the first LNG bunkering operation since the LNG bunker vessel is delivered to KEYS Bunkering last month in March 2024.

Owned and operated by KEYS Bunkering West Japan Co., Ltd., a joint venture formed by prominent entities including Kyushu Electric Power Co., Ltd., Japan Yusen Co., Ltd., ITOCHU Enex Co., Ltd., and Seibu Gas Co., Ltd.

The LNG fuel supplied for this operation originated from the Tobata LNG terminal of Kitakyushu LNG Co., Ltd., a member of the Kyushu Electric Power Group. LNG is renowned for its ability to significantly reduce emissions, with expected reductions of sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and carbon dioxide (CO2) by approximately 80%, 30%, and 30% respectively, compared to heavy oil, the conventional marine fuel.

Facilitating this transition to LNG is the vessel’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a dual-fuel engine capable of utilizing both LNG and heavy oil. This advanced technology ensures excellent environmental performance, minimizing emissions of SOx, NOx, and CO2 during operations utilizing LNG as the primary fuel source.

Looking ahead, KEYS Bunkering remains committed to safely and efficiently advancing LNG bunkering operations throughout the western Japan region, covering a wide area from Kyushu to the Setouchi region. By doing so, KEYS Bunkering aims to play a pivotal role in shaping a carbon-neutral society while fostering the growth and development of the LNG bunkering industry in Japan.

This successful endeavor underscores the collective commitment of industry leaders to embrace sustainable practices and drive positive change within the maritime sector, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally conscious future.

KEYS Azalea First Bunkering
KEYS Azalea LNG Bunkering Vessel Particulars
  • LOA: 82.4 meters
  • Beam: 18.2 meters
  • Draft: 4.8 meters
  • Gross Tonnage: 4,744 tons
  • LNG Loadable Capacity: 3,500 cubic meters
  • Driving Power: Dual-fuel engine consuming LNG or fuel oil
  • Builder: Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
About KEYS Bunkering West Japan Corporation

KEYS Bunkering West Japan Corporation, a pioneering coastal shipping company, supplies and sells LNG as marine fuel, on a ship-to-ship basis using its own and operated supply vessels. It is the first LNG bunkering business in western Japan, covering a wide area from Kyushu to the Setouchi region. By supplying LNG fuel to a wide variety of vessels calling at ports in western Japan, KEYS Bunkering contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society by meeting the demand of a wide range of customers.

Headquartered in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, KEYS Bunkering spearheads the venture. Led by Representative Takashi Mitsuyoshi, the corporation was established on February 2, 2022, and boasts a notable shareholder lineup consisting of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. (40%), NYK Line (40%), ITOCHU ENEX CO., LTD. (15%), and Saibu Gas Co., Ltd. (5%).

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