IBIA: Constantinos Capetanakis Assumes Leadership as New Chair

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IBIA Chair Constantinos Capetanakis

Effective April 1, 2024, Constantinos Capetanakis steps into the role of Chair at the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), marking a significant milestone in the organization’s journey towards global prominence and industry leadership.

With a distinguished background in maritime law and extensive experience within the shipping sector, Capetanakis brings a wealth of knowledge and a visionary outlook to his new position. A qualified Greek lawyer since 1997 and an English solicitor since 2002, Capetanakis holds a Master of Laws in Maritime Law from the University of Southampton, UK.

His professional trajectory encompasses pivotal roles at renowned entities such as Excel Maritime Carriers and Holman Fenwick & Willan, where he honed his expertise in legal counsel and marine litigation. As a shareholder and Director of Quantum Shipping Ltd., Capetanakis played a strategic role in steering the company’s investment strategies and managing legal, commercial, and managerial affairs.

In 2014, Constantinos embarked on his journey with Starbulk, initially assuming the role of General Manager overseeing various private vessels. Later, he ascended to the position of Executive Vice President – Control Director, managing the group’s procurement arm, Ship Procurement Services SA. Since 2019, Constantinos has served as Starbulk’s Bunker Director, spearheading bunkering procurement, bunkering strategy and fostering collaboration with bunker industry stakeholders.

Capetanakis’s commitment to advancing the bunker industry is not confined to his professional endeavors alone. His active involvement in IBIA, including prior service as a Board Member and Vice Chairman, underscores his dedication to shaping the industry’s future. Moreover, his leadership as Chairman of the Future Fuels Working Group exemplifies his proactive approach towards addressing the evolving needs of the industry.

In assuming the role of IBIA Chair, Capetanakis pledges to lead the association towards further global growth and visibility within the shipping community. With a strategic focus on fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and advocating for industry interests, Capetanakis aims to position IBIA at the forefront of the bunker industry’s evolution.

As IBIA embarks on this new chapter under Capetanakis’s stewardship, stakeholders anticipate a period of transformative leadership characterized by bold initiatives and inclusive engagement. With Capetanakis at the helm, IBIA is poised to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the evolving maritime landscape, driving sustainable growth and prosperity for the global bunker industry.

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