HOYER Received First Delivery of Diesel from ADNOC

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Hoyer Adnoc Diesel contract

Alternative diesel import routes are important for Germany in the current situation. The mineral oil company Hoyer, based in Visselhövede in Lower Saxony and with around 100 sales locations in Germany, sees itself as responsible. The family-owned company Hoyer, with more than 2,150 employees and an annual turnover of 5.5 billion euros, has successfully signed a diesel supply contract with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world’s largest energy producers.

The partnership begins with a first delivery of 33,000 MT of diesel fuel, which is currently being unloaded at the EVOS tank farm in the Port of Hamburg. As part of the agreement, Hoyer will receive up to 250,000 MT of diesel from ADNOC.

Thomas Hoyer, Managing Partner of Hoyer Said:

“We are very pleased that in ADNOC we have found a reliable partner who has acted quickly, unbureaucratically, and cooperatively in the current situation. Further discussions will take place shortly in order to deepen and further expand the joint cooperation.”

Hoyer is one of the largest and independent family businesses in the energy sector. The approximately 2,150 employees at numerous strategically networked locations ensure that the now more than 300,000 regular customers are supplied with a wide variety of products and corresponding advice.

Hoyer Marine GmbH operates its own fleet with numerous own and chartered bunker ships to supply ships with operating fluids in various German ports. The product portfolio offers various qualities in compliance with applicable environmental standards and thus supplies the entire industry from recreational boats to cruise ships.

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