Hawks Barge Set to Elevate Bunkering Operations in Sri Lanka

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Hawks Energy Bunker supplier Sri Lanka

In a significant update, The Hawks Pvt Ltd., a prominent Maldives-based physical bunker supplier, proudly reveals the safe arrival of its bunkering barge, MT Hawks Victory, in Colombo. Equipped with a cargo capacity of 1,600 metric tons of LSFO and 600 metric tons of MGO, the vessel is set to elevate bunkering operations in Sri Lanka’s ports.

Based in Maldives, The Hawks Pvt Ltd. maintains a robust presence at key ports throughout Sri Lanka. Its international reach extends through trading offices in Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Singapore, serving as crucial hubs for international fuel trade.

Covering every major port in Sri Lanka strategically positioned along the East-West Shipping route, Hawks ensures a seamless experience for clients seeking bunkering services. This extensive network is supported by Hawks’s firm commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Source The Hawks Pvt Ltd