Gasum Delivers First LNG Bunker to Vigdis H in Norway

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Gasum LNG Bunker delivery Norway

Gasum, a prominent Nordic energy company, has achieved a significant milestone by conducting the first LNG bunker delivery to a newly commissioned dry bulk vessel in Norway. The vessel, named Vigdis H, is a self-discharging dry bulk carrier that was delivered to its owner, Seaworks, just before Christmas. This delivery not only marks a historic moment for Seaworks but also signifies its maiden venture into LNG dual fuel technology.

Expressing gratitude for the trust bestowed upon them by Seaworks, Gasum shared immensely proud to have undertaken this first delivery in Norway and look forward to continuing to serve Seaworks and this innovative vessel in the future.

Gasum, a key player in the Nordic gas sector and energy markets, reaffirms its commitment to a carbon-neutral future, both on land and at sea. The company specializes in providing cleaner energy solutions for industrial, road, and maritime transport needs, with a dedicated focus on promoting low-emission mobility.

Moreover, Gasum is at the forefront of the circular economy, being a leading producer of biogas and actively investing in the production of biogas and recycled nutrients derived from various waste streams in Finland and Sweden. With approximately 330 employees spread across Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, the Gasum Group operates as a state-owned entity under the ownership of the State of Finland.

This milestone delivery underscores Gasum’s role as a pioneering force in advancing sustainable energy solutions and marks a significant step towards reducing emissions in the maritime sector while fostering the adoption of LNG technology in shipping operations.

Source Gasum