Fratelli Cosulich Celebrates its New Vessel Marta Cosulich in Singapore

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Fratelli Cosulich Launches Bunker Vessel in Singapore

In a momentous occasion highlighting their dedication to a modern and efficient fleet, Fratelli Cosulich Group proudly announces the inauguration of their latest vessel, Marta Cosulich, in the Bay of Singapore. This event marks a significant milestone in the company’s continuous commitment to investment and advancement within the maritime industry.

Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers Singapore commenced its physical bunker supply business in 2005, which was a major milestone in the Group’s global bunkering operations. Since then, the company has expanded and modernized its local fleet, now comprising five bunker tankers, one IMO2 chemical bunker tanker Marta Cosulich, and another under construction set for delivery by the end of 2025.

The group’s dedication to bolstering its presence in the port of Singapore, recognized as the world’s largest bunkering hub, remains firm. Investments in new assets, designed to accommodate alternative fuels, align seamlessly with Singapore’s ambitious aims for maritime decarbonization while ensuring its continued competitiveness on the global stage. Fratelli Cosulich Group expresses its honor in contributing to Singapore’s success and pledges support to the Maritime Port Authority in realizing its ambitious goals.

Marta Cosulich, boasting a capacity of 8,700m3, exemplifies the company’s proactive stance toward sustainable shipping. As the maiden vessel in their fleet equipped to transport methanol, it signifies their readiness to embrace future fuels. The commitment to environmental responsibility extends beyond methanol, with a dedicated focus on LNG and other emerging technologies aimed at mitigating the ecological footprint of operations.

During the ceremony, Marta Cosulich, CEO and Board Member of Fratelli Cosulich Group, served as the vessel’s godmother, symbolizing the fusion of the company’s rich heritage with its innovative future. The presence of Marta Cosulich underscores the family’s commitment to steering the company toward greater heights while maintaining its values and traditions.

A heartfelt appreciation is extended to the exceptional team at Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers Singapore, whose firm dedication and tireless efforts brought Marta Cosulich to fruition. Their expertise ensures the vessel will be managed with the utmost care and proficiency, further cementing the group’s reputation for excellence.

As Marta Cosulich embarks on her voyages, the Fratelli Cosulich Group looks ahead to a promising and prosperous future, confident that the vessel will serve the industry and clients with distinction. With best wishes for fair winds and smooth seas, the company celebrates this significant milestone in its journey of innovation and sustainability.

Fratelli Cosulich New Bunker Vessel Singapore
About Fratelli Cosulich Group

Fratelli Cosulich Group is a prominent global shipping and logistics player with a storied history dating back to 1857. The company, still owned by the Cosulich family in its seventh generation, encompasses 14 business units and 133 companies across 27 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Since 1969, the Group has been a key player in the marine fuel industry, operating as a bunker trader and owning a fleet of bunker tanker vessels, including two LNG small scale bunker vessels in the Bay of Singapore.

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