Flotte Hamburg Feat: Orders First Fully Electric Workboats

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Flotte Hamburg Feat First Electric workboats

Since its foundation in 2017, Flotte Hamburg has consistently equipped new acquisitions with low-emission drive technologies. In accordance with a Senate decision by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, ships with combustion engines will no longer be allowed to sail on the Alster from 2030, prompting the development of suitable solutions.

The contract for constructing the approximately 16-metre-long ships was awarded to the Hermann Barthel GmbH shipyard from Derben following a Europe-wide tender. The construction costs for the two new vessels amount to around 8 million euros.

Karsten Schönewald, Managing Director of Flotte Hamburg, stated “We have already worked successfully with the H. Barthel shipyard in the past. We are pleased that this cooperation will now also be continued in the field of highly innovative drives.”

The procurement process was led by Flotte Hamburg’s “New Construction and Innovation” department, in close coordination with the State Agency for Roads, Bridges, and Waterways (LSBG).

Dr. Stefan Klotz, Managing Director of the LSBG, commented “We are pleased that in the future we will carry out our work in Hamburg’s waters with low-emission ships. This aligns with our sustainability principle. Our colleagues from the Operations department played a key role in the planning of the new ships with their expertise, and we are very proud of that.”

The all-electric workboats will be used as transport and inspection vessels, mainly on the Inner and Outer Alster, but also throughout the Port of Hamburg. The low bridge clearance heights and water depths on the Alster pose additional design challenges. Among other features, the wheelhouse can be lowered to a clearance height of 2.35 meters. Especially in urban and residential areas, the emission-free and low-noise all-electric drive will provide a significant improvement. The energy stored on board enables the daily operation of the ships without additional intermediate charging.

Karsten Schönewald added “The first all-electric workboats in Hamburg are another milestone in our zero-emission agenda. As a pioneer, we want to show that emission-free shipping is possible and can already be realized in ports and inner-city areas today.”

About Flotte Hamburg

Flotte Hamburg is a start-up with extensive nautical experience, supported by more than 130 dedicated employees. Together, they are setting standards for clean, green shipping in Hamburg.

Based on its unique business model in Germany and following the guidelines of the Hamburg Parliament, Flotte Hamburg implements a consistent environmental strategy. This has turned the city fleet into an innovation driver, testing and implementing solutions for low-emission shipping in Hamburg. Flotte Hamburg sees itself as a role model for other municipal companies as well as private ship operators.

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