e1 Marine and Green Marine on Methanol-Fueled Newbuilds in Europe

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e1 Marine Partnering with Green Marine to accelerate methanol-fueled newbuilds in Europe, Green Marine Engineering, an independent fully integrated transition advisory and project management firm, has signed a sales agreement with global renewable energy company, e1 Marine, for its methanol-to-hydrogen reformer technology.

From 1 October 2022, Green Marine Engineering is e1 Marine’s sales representative in northern Europe. The partnership will focus on offering shipowners the benefits of e1 Marine’s methanol-to-hydrogen reformer for generating fuel for PEM fuel cells.

Copenhagen-based Green Marine Engineering is an independent maritime transition advisory and project management firm that leverages its commercial, technical and operational methanol dual fuel expertise to offer turnkey methanol based maritime transition solutions. Green Marine facilitates investments in methanol powered vessels across multiple market segments such as container, bulk and tanker vessels.

e1 Marine’s technology provides the industry with an additional solution for decarbonization, adding to what is a relatively small selection of methanol-enabling technologies within the industry. In tandem, Green Marine brings expanded potential for co-operation with shipowners, ports and shipyard to e1 Marine.

Robert Schluter, Managing Director at e1 Marine, commented:

“Collaboration, such as our agreement with Green Marine Engineering, is essential to better provide services to our customers in North Europe. The local representation will focus on enabling shipowners to meet decarbonization goals set for 2030 and beyond using methanol-reforming technology. We are ready to support first-movers – those leaders who will forge the way forward on decarbonization. Our on-demand power system has no moving parts, generates no vibration and is more future-proof than internal combustion engines due to its greater efficiency and clean power production.

“We are confident that by partnering with Green Marine who not only understands the intricacies of our technology but has the broader knowledge and networks to hold meaningful conversations with ship owners in Europe, will help to accelerate uptake of this vital solution in the region.”

e1 Marine’s system produces zero particulates, zero NOx, zero SOx, and less CO2 than a diesel generator. In addition, when using renewable methanol, the system produces near zero greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the e1 Marine methanol-to-hydrogen generator enables shipowners to meet decarbonization targets set by the EU and International Maritime Organization (IMO) and offers significant savings in OPEX due to its high efficiency. One-third of the hydrogen produced is attributable to the addition of water which can be recycled from the PEM fuel cell exhaust.

“Methanol is a safe, bio-degradable and globally available marine fuel,” says Fredrik Stubner, Co-founder and CEO of Green Marine Engineering.

“We are taking action to help decarbonize the global shipping industry through innovative methanol-based solutions that align with IMO emission reduction targets for 2030/2050 and the Paris Agreement. Methanol technology is transforming shipping and delivering an economically feasible solution. We offer ship owners turn-key, methanol-based, maritime transition solutions and have in-house capabilities and support functions across the entire value chain. Green Marine Engineering believes in the power of e1 Marine’s methanol-to-hydrogen reformer technology and its capability to reduce shipping’s environmental footprint, and we welcome the opportunity to represent e1 Marine across Northern Europe.”

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