Dan-Bunkering Continues to Thrive: Strong Results Announced

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Dan-Bunkering Strong Financial Year

Dan-Bunkering, a global leader in marine fuel trade, is proud to announce its 2023/2024 financial results with an EBT of USD 47 million, up from USD 46 million in the previous financial year. Revenue reached USD 3.8 billion, marking Dan-Bunkering’s second-highest revenue in the past five years. This year’s outstanding performance continues to build on the strong financial results of the past fiscal year, showcasing Dan-Bunkering’s resilience and commitment to excellence in the industry.

“In a year characterized by geopolitical tensions and shifting demands across shipping segments, we are immensely proud of the results we have achieved. They are a testament to the great work from the teams around the world in navigating these challenges,” says Claus Bulch Klausen, CEO of Dan-Bunkering

Klausen continues “The past financial year saw an increased focus on the transition towards decarbonisation. We have put increased effort into assisting our clients and suppliers in adapting to the recently implemented environmental regulations, such as the EU ETS scheme, and demands within the alternative fuels space. We are therefore investing time and resources to assist our partners with finding the best way forward.”

Riding the Next Wave

In May 2023, Dan-Bunkering launched an ambitious strategy called “Ride the Next Wave.” Since its launch, Dan-Bunkering’s main focus has been on integrating and promoting this strategy and its core purpose: pioneering the next wave of fuel solutions.

Dan-Bunkering has invested in educating its employees on topics surrounding the transition towards decarbonisation and is constantly developing new initiatives that create added value for its business partners.

“At Dan-Bunkering, we have always embraced the pioneering spirit. Therefore, Ride the Next Wave, which was partly initiated by changing dynamics within the maritime industry, customer demands, and an increasing emphasis on decarbonisation, is a journey that our employees have been eager to join. So far, the strategy has resulted in a pipeline of several initiatives, engaging the entire organisation,” says Claus Bulch Klausen, CEO of Dan-Bunkering.

About Dan-Bunkering

Dan-Bunkering has been a leader in the bunker business for more than four decades, arranging bunker fuels, lubricants, and other related products and services for vessels all over the world. The head office is situated in Middelfart with offices in Copenhagen, Shanghai, Singapore, Monaco, Houston, Beijing, Dubai, Cape Town, Stamford, and Sydney. More than 90 dedicated and service-minded fuel suppliers are ready to guide new and existing clients. Dan-Bunkering is part of a professional and financially strong group with interests in ship-owning and shipping activities.

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