COSCO Shipping Energy Advances Propeller Energy-Saving in Sea Trials

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Cosco Shipping Energy Propeller Sea Trials

In a significant stride towards green and low-carbon development, COSCO SHIPPING Energy and the Ningbo Institute of Materials have initiated sea trials for the innovative “Research on Propeller Skin/Coating Resistance Reduction and Energy Saving Technology” project. The collaboration aims to enhance propeller efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and contribute to sustainable maritime transportation.

Recently, the completion of the final coating on Mt. YUANJINHU’s propeller marked a crucial milestone for the joint project between COSCO SHIPPING Energy and the Ningbo Institute of Materials. The “Research on Propeller Skin/Coating Resistance Reduction and Energy Saving Technology” has now entered the sea trial phase, demonstrating a commitment to green and low-carbon development.

As maritime transportation plays a vital role in global trade, efforts to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are imperative. The project focuses on employing bionic liquid slip drag reduction coating material to modify the shear resistance between the propeller and water, aiming to enhance propulsion efficiency, decrease fuel consumption, and mitigate air bubble corrosion on propellers.

The collaboration includes the development of laboratory material formulas, propeller model water hole tests, ship model resistance tests, and the application of flexible drag reduction materials to the VLCC Mt. YUANJINHU propeller. Energy efficiency data collected during voyages will enable the comparison of high-efficiency propeller data, offering a greener and lower-carbon operational option for vessels.

COSCO SHIPPING Energy’s emphasis on scientific and technological innovation aligns with its commitment to industry, academia, research, and application integration. The success of this project signifies a breakthrough in propeller energy-saving and drag-reduction research, showcasing the company’s dedication to advancing scientific and technological capabilities. This achievement also underscores the company’s pursuit of digital intelligence and green, low-carbon strategies, positioning itself as a leading shipping science and technology enterprise on a global scale.

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