Chimbusco’s First Biofuel Bunkering for Yang Ming in Hong Kong

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Chimbusco First Biofuel Bunkering Yang Ming

Chimbusco Pan Nation Petro-chemical Co., Ltd (CPN), the premier marine fuel oil provider in Hong Kong, achieved a significant milestone on 7th March 2024 by successfully delivering 300 metric tonnes of ISCC-EU Certified B24 marine biofuel to the “YM INCEPTION,” a vessel operated by Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation. This marks the first-ever marine biofuel supply to Yang Ming vessels globally and signifies a pivotal moment in Hong Kong’s efforts towards sustainable maritime practices.

B24 marine biofuel, a blend of 24% B100 biodiesel and Marine Fuel Oil, offers a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, aligning with international endeavors to combat climate change and minimize environmental impact. CPN’s commitment to pioneering sustainable marine fuel options underscores its dedication to environmental stewardship and advancing industry standards.

As a leading bunker service provider headquartered in Hong Kong, CPN has established itself as a trusted partner in the maritime sector, serving vessels worldwide with professional services and top-quality products since its inception in 1991. Through strategic partnerships and a global presence spanning Asia, America, and Europe, CPN continues to expand its offerings to meet the evolving needs of the shipping industry.

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, founded in 1972, has consistently upheld its core values of “Teamwork, Innovation, Honesty, and Pragmatism” in providing unparalleled marine transportation services across the globe. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and reliability, Yang Ming has emerged as a leader in the shipping industry, delivering high-quality services that prioritize punctuality, efficiency, and affordability.

The successful delivery of biofuel to Yang Ming’s vessel reflects a collaborative effort between CPN and Yang Ming towards promoting sustainable practices and driving positive change within the maritime sector. As both companies continue to prioritize environmental responsibility and innovation, they aim to set new standards for the industry while contributing to global efforts to build a more sustainable future.

Biofuel bunkering, the process of supplying vessels with environmentally-friendly biofuels as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels, represents a crucial step towards reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the maritime industry’s environmental impact. By blending biofuels with conventional marine fuels, such as Marine Fuel Oil, biofuel bunkering offers a sustainable solution that significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to cleaner air and waterways. As more shipping companies and bunker service providers embrace biofuel bunkering initiatives, the maritime sector moves closer to achieving its sustainability goals while fostering innovation and technological advancement in fuel efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Source Chimbusco Pan Nation Petro-chemical Co., Ltd CPN