Boyi YAO Charts Course as Bunker Trader at Uni-Fuels

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Boyi YAO join uni fuels bunker trader

Boyi YAO is charting a new course in her professional journey as she assumes the position of Bunker Trader at Uni-Fuels, a prominent provider of sustainable fuel solutions in the maritime industry. With a diverse background and extensive experience, Yao is well-prepared to excel in her new role.

Before joining Uni-Fuels, Yao served as a Bunker Trader at Sea Oil Petroleum Pte Ltd, where she played a pivotal role in facilitating bunker transactions and ensuring smooth operations. Her expertise in bunker trading and deep understanding of market dynamics significantly contributed to the company’s success during her time there.

Prior to her role at Sea Oil Petroleum Pte Ltd, Yao gained valuable experience as a Business & Information Security (BIS) Intern at BNP Paribas and as a Global Market Intern at Industrial Bank. These experiences provided her with valuable insights into financial markets and business operations, further enhancing her skill set.

Yao’s journey in the industry began with a position as a Financial Planning and Analysis Intern at ZKING Property & Casualty Insurance Co., LTD, where she honed her analytical skills and gained exposure to the insurance sector.

Educationally, Yao holds a Master of Science in Finance with a focus on Fintech from ESSEC Asia-Pacific, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Real Estate from the University of Florida. Additionally, she is a CFA Level 1 candidate, demonstrating her commitment to professional growth and development.

Uni-Fuels, known for its commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, is poised to benefit from Yao’s expertise and dedication. With her strong background in finance and trading, Yao is well-positioned to contribute to Uni-Fuels’ mission of delivering innovative and sustainable fuel solutions to the maritime industry.

Boyi Yao’s appointment as Bunker Trader at Uni-Fuels marks another significant step in the company’s journey towards excellence and growth in the global maritime sector. As Uni-Fuels continues to expand its footprint, Yao’s contributions are expected to play a key role in driving the company’s success in the dynamic and competitive bunker trading market.

Source Uni-Fuels