CCS Completed the First AiP of Methanol Bunkering Vessels

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CCS First AiP Methanol bunkering vessel china

China Classification Society (CCS) Completed the First Approval In Principe (AIP) of Methanol Bunkering Ships in China

At the beginning of July, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) passed the 2023 Strategy on Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships, which raised the industry’s attention to marine alternative fuels,  typified by methanol. With the rapid development of methanol powered ships, the industry has high expectations for methanol, especially green methanol supply and refueling infrastructure.

Recently, CCS Wuhan Rules and Research Institute issued the first AIP certificate for methanol bunkering ships to Zhejiang Seahead Ship Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. in China.

The methanol bunkering ship certificated is a competitive brand of new energy ship independently developed by Seahead. The ship, with a maximum capacity of 7500 t, bunkering fuel oil and methanol, fitted with hoses, ERS, QC/DC and ESD etc., can be used for the transfer of methanol fuel to the largest methanol powered ship. The design fully considers the risks of methanol bunkering and the future development demand of Zhoushan as the fuel bunkering center for Northeast Asia bonded ships. The speed, deadweight, economy and adaptability of ship type have all reached the advanced level of similar international ships.

Wuhan Institute, with the technical advantages in alternative fuels, established the working group on methanol technology application and ship type service to carry out research and assessment on overall design, ship arrangement, bunkering system, cargo containment system and safety protection etc., providing full technical services in ship safety and system design optimization etc. In addition, Wuhan Institute and the designer jointly carried out the application verification of the Rules for Methanol Bunkering Ships (draft).

The AIP certificate lays a solid foundation for the design, assessment and verification of methanol bunkering ships in China, which will help the industry to meet the growing demand for marine methanol fuel bunkering.

Source China Classification Society CCS