TECO 2030 Innovative Containerized FCPG Secures DNV’s AiP

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TECO 2030 Containerized Fuel Cell Generator

TECO 2030, an innovative engineering and equipment development company committed to advancing sustainable solutions, has, in connection with the HyEkoTank project, received Approval in Principle (AIP) from the Norwegian classification society DNV for a containerized fuel cell power generator (FCPG) designed for oceangoing applications.

The TECO 2030 containerized FCPG represents a pioneering solution in the maritime industry. It is a complete power generator system that can seamlessly integrate with a ship’s main switchboard, offering reliable and efficient power generation while emitting nothing but warm water and air, thus significantly reducing harmful emissions and environmental impact.

Included in the approval in principle are various integral components of the FCPG, ensuring its seamless integration and operational efficiency. These components encompass the fuel preparation system, fuel cell module holding room, electro-technical room, battery room, HVAC and auxiliaries, inerting system, and airlock. Each element plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, safety, and performance of the FCPG system.

“We are pleased to announce that our fuel cell power generators have received approval in principle from DNV. This proves it is safe to utilize onboard a vessel for propulsion and auxiliary power,” says Tore Enger, Group CEO, TECO 2030. “This solution can, of course, be combined in series to facilitate multi-megawatt installations and power requirements without releasing any harmful emissions,” Enger adds.

About TECO 2030

TECO 2030 is an innovative engineering and equipment development company with a focus on a greener and cleaner environment. Our core objective is to identify and develop high-quality, cutting-edge, and cost-effective solutions to significantly reduce the ecological impact of maritime pollution.

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