Capital Gas Welcomes New High-Tech LNG Carrier Axios II

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Capital Gas welcome LNG Carrier

Capital Gas Ship Management Corp. has proudly announced the successful delivery of its latest addition, the state-of-the-art LNG Carrier Axios II, constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea. The vessel, boasting a substantial cargo capacity of 174,000 m3, represents a significant leap forward in eco-efficiency and sustainability within the maritime industry.

Equipped with cutting-edge MAN MEGA engines and incorporating advanced technologies such as an air lubrication system, shaft generators, and increased filling limits exceeding 99%, ‘Axios II’ stands at the forefront of the new generation of LNG carriers. The vessel’s design places a strong emphasis on minimizing environmental impact, with a focus on reducing methane slip and substantially lowering CO2 emissions.

This milestone marks the ninth delivery out of the eighteen vessels slated for Capital Gas by 2027, showcasing the company’s commitment to fostering a modern and environmentally conscious fleet. ‘Axios II’ has initiated a one-year time charter at a market-linked rate, followed by a seven-year bareboat charter with Bonny Gas Transport Limited. Bonny Gas Transport Limited retains an option to extend the charter by an additional three years.

Key Features of Axios II

  • Cargo Capacity: 174,000 m3
  • Propulsion: MAN MEGA engines
  • Advanced Technologies: Air lubrication system, shaft generators, and increased filling limits (above 99%)

About Capital Gas Ship Management Corp.

Capital Gas Ship Management Corp., a leading ship management service provider, currently oversees a fleet of 21 LNG Carriers, 2 LCO2 carriers, and 2 dual fuel VLACs (Very Large Ammonia Carriers), with a combined carrying capacity exceeding 3.5 million cubic meters. The managed fleet includes vessels listed on Nasdaq through Capital Product Partners L.P.

Source Capital Gas Ship Management Corp.