Avenir LNG Feat: Historic First STS Bunkering Operation in Germany

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Avenir First STS LNG Bunkering Germany

Avenir LNG, a global leader and prominent supplier of small-scale LNG, achieved a significant milestone on May 5th with the commencement of its inaugural LNG ship-to-ship bunkering operation in Germany. The successful transfer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the bunker vessel ‘Avenir Aspiration’ to the RoPax ferry ‘Nils Holgersson’ took place at the Port of Lübeck.

This event marked a pivotal moment as the first STS LNG bunkering operation within a German port, following Avenir’s earlier LNG and bio-LNG bunker operation conducted via trucks in 2022.

Jan Schubert, Commercial Director of LNG Bunkering at Avenir, stated “Our first successful STS bunker operation in a German port for our long-standing and trusted customer TT-Line proves again our leading position in setting up alternative bunker fuel supply chains. Utilizing our fleet of five LNG bunker vessels, Avenir continues to ensure the security of supply for our customers globally. As part of that ambition, we are seeing our network of customers and ports to service continuing to grow across Northwest Europe throughout 2024.”

For the seamless execution of this operation, Avenir collaborated with GasCom-Equipment GmbH, specialists in German LNG and bio-LNG distribution.

Norbert Scholz, Managing Director of GasCom, stated, “I am pleased to see how efficiently and smoothly the joint preparations and the execution of the bunker operation were done. The cooperation proved again how important coupling expertise from different specialists is for establishing supply infrastructure for alternative fuels in German ports. We are glad to be part of that and are looking forward to more jointly executed bunker operations in the future.

Avenir First STS LNG Bunker in Germany
About Avenir LNG

Originated in 2018 and backed by blue-chip sponsors, Avenir is a leading midstream LNG & BioLNG company focussed on serving small scale demand for the maritime sector, industrial consumers, and power generation. own and operate a fleet of 5 modern LNG Bunker and Supply Vessels with 2 vessels under construction and a small-scale LNG terminal in Sardinia, Italy.

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