Ascenz Marorka Parent Company GTT Adds VPS to Portfolio

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GTT AScenz Marorka aquire VPS

GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz), the parent company of Ascenz Marorka, has announced its acquisition of VPS (Vessel Performance Solutions), a Danish company specializing in vessel performance management. Based in Copenhagen, with a sales office in Athens, VPS was founded in 2014 by experts in naval architecture and data science and currently employs 12 professionals.

This strategic acquisition enhances GTT’s capabilities in the realm of smart shipping, leveraging innovative solutions that analyze operational data from vessels without requiring additional onboard data acquisition systems or sensors. VPS’s flagship software, VESPER, is highly regarded in the market and is utilized by 1,200 ships worldwide. The acquisition of VPS complements Ascenz Marorka’s existing suite of solutions and expands its reach within the maritime industry.

By combining the expertise of VPS with Ascenz Marorka’s offerings, GTT aims to create a comprehensive solution for vessel performance management. Additionally, the consolidation of customer bases is expected to yield significant commercial synergies, further strengthening GTT’s position in the market.

About GTT

GTT is a leading technological expert in containment systems utilizing cryogenic membranes for the transportation and storage of liquefied gases. With 60 years of experience, GTT designs cutting-edge technologies to enhance energy performance, operational efficiency, and safety in LNG carriers, floating terminals, land storage facilities, and multi-gas carriers. The group also develops systems for LNG fuel usage and offers a range of digital services in the realm of Smart Shipping. Additionally, GTT is active in the hydrogen sector through its subsidiary Elogen, specializing in the design and assembly of electrolysers for green hydrogen production.

About Vessel Performance Solutions ApS

Vessel Performance Solutions ApS (VPS) is a leading expert in the analysis of performance data from commercial ships, offering invaluable decision support for enhancing fuel efficiency. With a focus on fostering awareness and facilitating change management within the maritime industry, VPS provides comprehensive solutions spanning technical management, operations, and asset management. Specializing in various critical areas.

VPS offers services such as benchmarking of ships, retrofit analysis for existing vessels, hydrodynamic optimization for new ship designs, and detailed performance analysis. Additionally, the company excels in energy efficiency assessments, catering to ship managers, owners, operators, and pools. These assessments encompass both technical and operational aspects, along with fleet benchmarking, ensuring that shipping entities have the necessary insights to optimize their operations and drive sustainable performance improvements.

About Ascenz Marorka

Ascenz Marorka emerged from the merger of two pioneering maritime digitalization firms: Ascenz, based in Singapore and specializing in Electronic Fuel and Bunkering Monitoring, and Marorka, an Icelandic company renowned for its expertise in vessel performance management, data acquisition, and modeling. As a subsidiary of the GTT Group, a respected leader with six decades of experience in cryogenic membrane containment systems, particularly for LNG transportation and storage,

Ascenz Marorka stands at the forefront of innovation in the maritime industry. Our mission is clear: to provide ship owners and charterers worldwide with the most comprehensive, innovative, and reliable solutions across all vessel types. With over 30 years of combined expertise, we offer cutting-edge digital solutions and expert services in ship performance optimization, weather routing, LNG cargo management, OSV operations, and bunkering, ensuring our clients are equipped for success in an ever-changing maritime environment.

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