AKA and E-Link to Accelerate Net-Zero Sea Transportation

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AKA E-Link FerryShuttle

Aspin Kemp & Associates Inc. and E-Link Commuting Co. Ltd Collaborate to Accelerate Net-Zero Waterway Transportation, Companies To Bring Electric Power To Water Taxi And Ferries Across The Globe.

Prince Edward Island, Canada and Hamilton, Bermuda  – Aspin Kemp & Associates Inc. (AKA), an energy integration and electrical engineering company, and e-Link Commuting Co. Ltd (e-Link), a company transforming human and package mobility on the water, announced a collaboration to develop a new class of waterway vessels powered entirely by sustainable energy.

To design and build this new class of vessels, the two companies will combine extensive sustainable energy expertise with deep understanding and experience in the transportation sector. The e-Link team will focus on the technical aspects of the boat design and shuttle build/assembly, while AKA’s team will design the vessel’s power system and drivetrain propulsion as well as the addition of hydrogen fuel-cell innovation to help extend the battery life of the e-Link shuttle platform.

“This environmental consciousness is a fundamental component to how we are designing the power system and propulsion systems for our eLC Shuttle platform ,” said e-Link Co-Founder Alan Burland. “We recognize there will be ongoing innovations in battery technology, shore power recharging, and drivertrain technology requiring foresight and dedication which is why our collaboration with AKA and other strategic partners will lead to our success.”

“Although AKA has been delivering hybrid propulsion systems to the global Marine industry since 2007, this project is of great importance in our commitment to deliver safe, reliable, and green systems in Canada and other places around the world,  added AKA’s Co-founder and CEO Jason Aspin.

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