Wallenius Wilhelmsen Biofuel-Integrated Multi-Year Deal Sets New Standards

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Wallenius Wilhelmsen Launch NextGen Vessels

Wallenius Wilhelmsen has recently clinched yet another significant multi-year deal, adding to its roster of substantial contracts. This latest agreement, worth over USD 1 billion spanning three years, marks a collaboration with a key player in the premium car segment. It encompasses a comprehensive package of shipping and logistics services, alongside the adoption of biofuel technology.

The duration of the contract spans three years initially, with the option for a mutual extension for an additional two years. Operations commenced sometime between January and April 2024, with rates reflective of prevailing market conditions.

“We see manufacturers shifting priorities and increasingly looking for solutions that provide predictability in their supply chains. In this case, it means longer-term contracts encompassing both logistics and shipping services. This goes hand in hand with Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s goal of being a total solution provider in finished vehicle logistics. This multi-year contract allows for better long-term planning and extended predictability for both the customer and us,” says Lasse Kristoffersen, President, and CEO at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

This contract includes the use of biofuel. “Environmentally conscious customers recognize the urgency when it comes to decarbonizing global supply chains. Using biofuel is a strategic decision for this customer,” says Pia Synnerman, Chief Customer Officer at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

About Wallenius Wilhemsen

The Wallenius Wilhelmsen group is a market leader in roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping and vehicle logistics, overseeing the distribution of cars, trucks, rolling equipment, and breakbulk to customers worldwide.

The company operates approximately 130 vessels servicing 15 trade routes across six continents, alongside a global inland distribution network, 120 processing centers, and eight marine terminals. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the Wallenius Wilhelmsen group employs 8,200 individuals in 29 countries globally. The company’s mission is to construct sustainable supply chains, envisioning innovative and eco-friendly solutions for the evolving landscape of mobility and transportation, both on land and at sea.

To ensure the safe and efficient movement of cargo, we rely on our dedicated team of 8,200 individuals, working as truck drivers, port staff, personnel at 121 processing centers, and in offices spanning 29 countries. Our fleet of over 130 vessels traverses every ocean, boasting some of the lowest emission levels in the roll-on/roll-off segment. Furthermore, we employ cutting-edge systems and software, easily accessible on handheld devices, to facilitate the seamless flow of cargo information in real-time.

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