Torghatten Nord and GreenH Ink Deal for New Hydrogen Ferries

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torghatten nord and greenh on green hydrogen

Torghatten Nord and GreenH have taken a momentous step forward by finalizing an agreement for the supply of hydrogen fuel to the pioneering hydrogen ferries that are scheduled to commence operations across the Vestfjord in Nordland, starting in the fall of 2025.

“We have had a close collaboration with GreenH for a considerable amount of time. Given the extensive nature of this contract, coupled with the fact that it involves novel technology and a new fuel source, we have taken the necessary time to navigate through the process. Now, through a relationship built on trust and cooperation, we have established a robust contract,” stated Torkild Torkildsen, CEO of Torghatten Nord AS.

The hydrogen ferries on the Vestfjord route epitomize a world-class climate initiative. According to the calculations by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen), the collective impact of these hydrogen-powered ferries is expected to slash 26,500 tons of CO2 emissions annually – an equivalent to the emissions of approximately 13,000 diesel-powered cars.

We at Torghatten want to not only reduce our own climate emissions, but also pave the way for our entire industry. As we lead the way in the north, more people in more southerly and far calmer waters can also switch to greener fuels.

Torghatten Nord AS is a company in the Torghatten-group. The company’s prime activity is maritime transport with ferries and fast ferries in Norway. Torghatten Nord AS operates 47 fully owned vessels in addition to 4 chartered vessels. The company’s 625 employees are mainly maritime personnel in seagoing positions, in addition to administrative personnel in Tromsø and Stokmarknes.

GreenH is a Norwegian company that develops infrastructure for the production and distribution of green hydrogen from renewable energy. The company is engaged in projects aimed at building, owning and operating hydrogen production facilities for the maritime sector, transport and industry. The company will establish a network of hubs for hydrogen production, located as close as possible to the end users. This will result in reduced transport costs, and reduced CO2 emissions both during production, transport and use.

Source Torghatten Nord AS