Tokyo Gas and Mitsui Collaborate on Biomethane Import

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Misui tokyo Gas biomethane news

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. have joined hands in a groundbreaking move towards a carbon-neutral society by striking a deal to import biomethane from overseas. In this historic agreement, approximately 40,000 cubic meters of biomethane, derived from biogas emitted from landfills in the United States, has been liquefied as a component of LNG. This liquefied biomethane was successfully delivered to Japan on March 19 at Tokyo Gas Ohgishima LNG Terminal.

Biomethane, refined to have the same methane concentration as natural gas, holds immense promise as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. By harnessing organic methane from waste that would otherwise contribute to atmospheric pollution, the initiative aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Notably, under Japan’s regulatory framework, CO2 emissions from biomass fuels are excluded from certain calculations, further incentivizing the use of biomethane to combat climate change.

This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Tokyo Gas’ ambitious Group Management Vision, “Compass 2030,” which sets the goal of achieving net zero CO2 emissions. Tokyo Gas plans to achieve this milestone through a multifaceted approach, leveraging renewable energy sources, synthetic methane, biomethane, hydrogen, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies.

Similarly, Mitsui has made securing a reliable energy supply and achieving carbon neutrality its top priorities. The company’s commitment to decarbonization solutions is exemplified by its investments in biomethane production in the United States.

Tokyo Gas and Mitsui’s partnership extends beyond the importation of biomethane; it represents a concerted effort to establish an international supply chain for this environmentally friendly fuel source. Together, they will explore various avenues to support the Japanese government’s vision of transforming Japan into a carbon-neutral society by 2050.

The scheme’s significance lies not only in its immediate environmental benefits but also in its potential to catalyze a global transition towards sustainable energy practices. As biomethane seamlessly integrates into existing LNG and city gas infrastructure, it presents a tangible pathway towards carbon neutrality with minimal social costs.

Misui tokyo Gas biomethane

In essence, Tokyo Gas and Mitsui’s collaborative endeavor marks a significant step forward in the global fight against climate change, offering hope for a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.

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