Titan’s FlexFueler 002 Moves to Zeebrugge for Flexible Services

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Titan lng bunker barge relocation to zeebrugge

Titan LNG, a leading independent clean fuel supplier, is excited to announce the relocation of their LNG Bunker Barge FlexFueler 002 to Zeebrugge to better serve their long-term customers with specific needs of smaller requirements. This strategic move ensures even greater flexibility and convenience in our services.

The FlexFueler 002 is renowned for its best-in-class delivery costs, offering clients top-notch service and cost-effectiveness for their LNG needs. This relocation marks a significant step in enhancing Titan LNG’s commitment to providing efficient and sustainable LNG solutions.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the entire Titan team for making this seamless transition possible.

The FlexFueler 002 seamlessly integrates with the Fluxys Terminal, The FlexFueler 002 provides flexible LNG bunkering, allowing LNG-fueled vessels the option to bunker while loading or unloading cargo. Stay tuned for updates on how this relocation will further bolster Titan LNG’s dedication to efficient and sustainable LNG solutions.

The LNG bunker barge, known as the FlexFueler 002, is a collaborative effort between the gas infrastructure group Fluxys and Titan LNG, a leading physical supplier of LNG. This innovative vessel plays a vital role in making LNG as a marine fuel widely available to vessels bunkering in port.

LNG’s demand continues to grow as its role in the shipping industry’s energy transition gains recognition. LNG significantly reduces SOx and particulate emissions to negligible levels, decreases NOx emissions by approximately 85%, and achieves substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, LNG paves the way for decarbonization through the introduction of bio- and synthetic-LNG, utilizing the same infrastructure and engine technology. Liquid biogas from organic waste and liquid synthetic methane from green hydrogen and captured CO2 offer scalable solutions for the maritime sector.

Since its establishment in Amsterdam in 2012, Titan LNG has been a prominent supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biomethane (LBM), also known as BioLNG. Titan specializes in offering end-to-end clean fuel solutions for shipping customers, encompassing project planning, supply and delivery, as well as risk management and hedging services to mitigate price fluctuations. As an independent company, Titan LNG collaborates with other low carbon and carbon-neutral marine fuel suppliers to ensure reliable availability and supply globally.

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