Tank-Eye Vapour Lock Valves Transform Stolt Merwede’s Safety

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Tank Eye and Stolt Tankers Partner on valves

In a landmark collaboration, Tank-Eye, a leader in maritime safety and innovation, proudly announces a transformative deal with renowned customer Stolt Tankers. This strategic partnership has led to the integration of Tank-Eye’s cutting-edge Vapour Lock Valves into the stainless-steel MTS Stolt Merwede, a chemical tanker with a deadweight of 3400 tons, built in 2012 in Serbia.

The Tank-Eye Vapour Lock Valves bring a new era of efficiency and safety to maritime operations, revolutionizing key aspects such as health and safety measures, representative quantity and quality inspections, and UEL/LEL measurements. This technological upgrade is expected to result in fully closed inspections and a range of associated benefits for the vessel.

Tank-Eye expresses its sincere appreciation to Stolt Tankers for the trust placed in their product. The collaboration marks a significant step towards creating a healthier and safer work environment for ship’s crew, liquid cargo surveyors, and terminal operators. Tank-Eye’s Vapour Lock Valves are designed to play a pivotal role in fostering a safer, lower-emission, and improved closed sampling process for the inland shipping industry.

Key Features of Tank-Eye Vapour Lock Valves

  1. Enhanced Safety Measures: The implementation of Tank-Eye’s Vapour Lock Valves significantly enhances safety protocols, reducing risks associated with open sampling and exposure to dangerous goods.
  2. Health and Environmental Benefits: By eliminating the emission of harmful substances, Tank-Eye closed systems contribute to a healthier work environment and reduced environmental impact. This aligns with sustainability goals and supports a more responsible approach to maritime operations.
  3. Improved Closed Sampling Process: Tank-Eye is dedicated to creating a safer and more efficient closed sampling process for the inland shipping industry. The integration of their product ensures that risky situations and exposure to dangerous substances become a thing of the past.

This collaboration highlights Tank-Eye’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector. As the partnership with Stolt Tankers sets a new standard for safety and environmental responsibility, Tank-Eye looks forward to further advancements and partnerships that will shape the future of maritime operations.

Tank Eye and Stolt Tankers Partner on valves

Source Tank-Eye B.V.