Singapore LNG Corporation Names Leong Wei Hung as New CEO

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New leadership CEO of SLNG Singapore

Singapore LNG Corporation (SLNG), a leading force in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, has revealed a significant leadership transition as it continues its trajectory of growth and innovation.

In a press release, SLNG declared that Mr. Leong Wei Hung will take the helm as the Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Mr. Tan Soo Koong, effective April 7, 2024. Mr. Leong, a seasoned industry veteran and current non-executive director since May 2022, brings over 28 years of valuable experience from his tenure at the Shell Group, where he held diverse roles in Refining, Chemicals, Trading, and Supply.

SLNG Chairman, Mr. Tang Kin Fei said, “We have been keeping a look-out for a possible new CEO as part of a planned succession process. We are fortunate that Wei Hung has agreed to take on the role and continue the good work that has been achieved so far. He is a well-regarded veteran of the industry, is passionate about SLNG and is eager to take the company to new heights. SLNG is in good hands.”

The outgoing CEO, Mr. Tan Soo Koong, who will retire effective April 6, 2024, leaves a legacy of steering SLNG towards catalyzing new possibilities in the energy transition. Under his leadership since April 2019, SLNG has focused on enhancing infrastructure, advancing the LNG eco-system, and facilitating innovations in energy.

SLNG’s growth journey, which began with commercial operations in 2013, has seen remarkable expansions in infrastructure, including the development of the world’s largest LNG storage tank. As of September 2023, the terminal has handled over 430 LNG cargoes, totaling approximately 1,399.8 Trillion British Thermal Units (TBTU) and has been involved in various services such as LNG bunkering, transshipment, and truck loading.

The leadership transition marks a strategic move for SLNG as it continues to play a crucial role in Singapore’s energy security strategy and strives to be a regional LNG hub. The company remains dedicated to exploring new opportunities in LNG and sustainable energy sources, solidifying its commitment to catalyze new possibilities in the ever-evolving energy landscape.

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