Signol and Clarksons on Carbon Emissions in Global Shipping

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signol Clarkson partners on carbon emission reduction

Signol has partnered with Clarksons, the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, as part of its new carbon platform to immediately reduce emissions in the maritime industry

‍Signol uses existing maritime data, such as noon reports, to nudge mariners into executing more efficient behaviours in the operation of their ship – lowering fuel consumption, operating costs and emissions almost immediately.

‍Signol and Clarksons’ partnership is another positive step in bringing useful solutions to the shipping industry as it works to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Signol’s personalised app and communication services will offer a unique way of helping to achieve that goal. Signol primes mariners to be more mindful of the CO2 impact of their decisions and actions, such as optimising trim and draft, speed, port turnaround time, autopilot settings and route optimisation.

Roger Horton Chief Commercial Officer (Global Broking) at Clarksons said:

“Our strategic partnership with Signol allows us to strengthen our integrated approach to shipping decarbonisation and provide our clients with broader options to consider in the mitigation of both footprint and compliance risk. We believe that Clarkson’s role is not just to enable global trade, but also to be proactive in our industry’s response to emissions by promoting positive change. This aspiration is at the heart of our partnership with Signol. We are pleased to be working with them and are hopeful this can provide our clients a convenient additional resource to help deliver meaningful emissions reduction and cost savings to their shipping businesses.”

Gavin Laidlaw, Chief Commercial Officer at Signol said:

“We are delighted to partner with Clarksons and offer Signol’s unique, people centric approach to rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions to their clients. Their brand, experience and network will be invaluable as Signol seeks to expand the number of projects we run in the maritime environment.”   

‍The Clarksons Green Transition service is already available to Clarksons’ clients. With assistance from Carbon Brokers, their clients can opt for a strategic approach to reducing carbon emissions, match the IMO regulations, and secure progressive decarbonisation pathways. Signol is now listed among the Clarksons’ trusted technological solutions and has geared up for partnering with shipping companies that want to address carbon reduction straightaway as part of their decarbonisation roadmap. 

‍Companies interested in participating in the programme can learn more and enroll here.

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