Sea Cloud Spirit Receive Special Bunkering Service from BTB

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BTB antwerp bunkering sea cloud spirit

Sea Cloud Spirit Receives Special Bunkering Service from Belgian Trading & Bunkering (BTB) in Antwerp

Sea Cloud Spirit has cast anchor in the bustling Antwerp, bringing its aura of elegance and grandeur to the city’s maritime landscape. In a choice that reflects their commitment to excellence, Sea Cloud Spirit has selected Belgian Trading & Bunkering (BTB) as their trusted partner to supply them with high-quality gasoil for their voyage.

A moment of honor was bestowed upon the renowned vessel as the Sinjoor, under the banner of Belgian Trading & Bunkering, undertook the vital task of bunkering for the Sea Cloud Spirit. This unique and exceptional vessel received nothing short of exceptional service as it embarked on its journey, fueled by the professionalism and dedication of BTB.

With the Sea Cloud Spirit gracing Antwerp’s harbor and BTB at the helm of its bunkering needs, this partnership embodies a blend of maritime majesty and operational excellence.

Source Belgian Trading & Bunkering