SCZONE Launches First Ship Bunker Operation in Sokhna Port

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SCZone First Bunkering Operation in Sokhna Port

The General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE) has announced the successful completion of the inaugural Ship bunker operation at Sokhna Port in the southern zone of SCZONE. During this operation, the container vessel CMA CGM SUEZ received a fuel supply from the Karpathos ship.

In a significant development, Mr. Waleid Gamal El-Dien, Chairman of SCZONE, declared the introduction of vessel bunkering services at the ports of East and West Port Said in June of this year. This marks the first time such services have been implemented within SCZONE’s 2020/2025 strategy, aimed at localizing maritime services within its ports. Mr. El-Dien specifically highlighted the provision of this service during the container vessel’s berthing at the berths of the first basin of DP World-Sokhna, the primary operator of Sokhna Port’s container handling terminal. Notably, the vessel was refueled by the Karpathos supply ship of the MINERVA company, with an impressive quantity of 950 tons of fuel.

Mr. Waleid Gamal El-Dien, chairman of SCZONE Said:

” We are happy with the success of this operation, as it comes within the framework of SCZONE commitment to develop the infrastructure and improving the services provided to the vessels, which will contribute to attract more shipping lines and providing maritime services, especially for those passing through the Suez Canal, including those transiting SCZONE’s ports. There is continuous work within SCZONE’s ports for providing distinctive and advanced services to ships, in accordance with the high technical and legal standards, indicating that this service comes within the plans of expansion and growth to achieve Egypt’s strategy for the transformation into a regional and leading bunkering hub.”

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