PSA Singapore Opens Tuas Port

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PSA Corporation Ltd (PSA) today inaugurated Tuas Port, with the first three berths operational at Phase One of the development. This is a significant milestone in Singapore’s maritime history, reaffirming the nation’s status as a global hub port augmented by world-class technologies.

Tuas Port will encompass an extensive and well-connected supply chain and logistics ecosystem in the Tuas area – along Singapore’s western seaboard. As the nucleus of Singapore’s maritime and logistics value chain, Tuas Port is poised to offer a comprehensive suite of value-added port services and innovative cargo solutions by leveraging technology and automation. The adoption of digital solutions enhances the port’s capability to orchestrate supply chains and better support PSA’s customers in managing cargo flows.

As the focal point of an integrated green supply chain ecosystem, Tuas Port will be augmented by cross-industry collaboration with like-minded partners to spur collective action towards supply chain sustainability. PSA has also built up its data analytics and digitalization capabilities as part of Tuas Port’s modular design, allowing for flexibility and agility to respond to rapidly changing demands as it continues to develop into the 2040’s and beyond.

Human capital remains at PSA’s core as smart technologies and intelligent data-driven operations management systems are deployed at an unprecedented scale to deliver service excellence. Working closely with the Singapore Port Workers Union and the Port Officers’ Union to upskill and retrain its workforce, PSA has ensured that all staff are well-equipped to take on new and higher-value roles created by the industry’s digital transformation efforts.

Intelligent automation supported by a future-ready workforce will cement PSA’s position as the world’s largest transshipment hub, driving trade growth and global connectivity for Singapore’s future economy.

PSA Singapore Open Taus Port
PSA Singapore Opens Tuas Port

Mr. Peter Voser, Group Chairman of PSA International, said,

“This is a momentous occasion and we are thrilled to transform our vision into reality. Tuas Port is where we can help to realise the immense potential of Singapore as a trade hub for the world, and where our people’s passion for excellence meets higher purpose. We will live up to this responsibility and continue to span new frontiers to achieve sustainable business success. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Government, our customers, business partners and all 2 our stakeholders for their unwavering support all these years. I am confident that by working together alongside, we can realise even greater visions in the future.”

Mr. Tan Chong Meng, Group CEO of PSA International, said,

“As an enabler of global trade, PSA has contributed to Singapore’s success as an open and connected trading economy. Tuas Port provides us with an opportunity to reinvigorate this mission for the digital age and I believe it will further boost trade growth flowing through Singapore. By dovetailing our port operations with the greater ecosystem in Tuas and through collaborating with like-minded partners for integrated intermodal solutions, we can better navigate the growing complexities of global supply chains. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey alongside our stakeholders to orchestrate trade growth and drive efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chain solutions for our customers.”

Mr. Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia of PSA International, said,

“Our people are anchored by a strong sense of purpose and they have made what was impossible yesterday, possible today. Tuas Port represents the future of PSA and our people in Singapore, and my heartfelt thanks goes out to the dedicated staff, unions and management team, for being alongside each other in taking on this mammoth task and succeeding beyond expectations. We count on your dedication and steadfast support in the years to come as we continue the pioneering work at Tuas, innovating and challenging norms to elevate our performance for a more sustainable port, maritime and supply chain industry in Singapore.”

Tuas Port has 23 metres of draft alongside, with a total berth length of 26km. At present, 500 staff are working on site at Tuas Port, with the terminal being progressively developed in four phases. When fully operational in the 2040s, it is expected to be the world’s largest fully automated container terminal in a single location, with an annual handling capacity of 65 million TEUs.

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