Piraeus Port and Guangzhou Port Sign MoU to Deepen Collaboration

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Piraeus Port and Guangzhou Port mou

In a momentous ceremony, Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (PPA S.A.) and the Port of Guangzhou, China, a top 10 global commercial port, formalized a strategic partnership through a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU was signed by Mr. Panagiotis Tsonis, Deputy CEO of PPA S.A., and Mr. Song Xiaoming, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Port Group.

This collaboration signifies a commitment from both ports to build a strong and lasting alliance, addressing current and future challenges in the maritime industry. The MoU outlines key areas of cooperation, including:

  • Joint efforts towards environmentally sustainable port operations: Both parties pledge to invest in and explore innovative solutions to minimize carbon emissions and transition towards eco-friendly practices.
  • Collaboration on port digitization and automation: This includes the continuous exchange of expertise and cutting-edge technologies to enhance port efficiency and operations.

Mr. Yu Zenggang, Chairman of PPA S.A., emphasized the significance of this partnership, highlighting its potential to foster knowledge exchange, technological advancements, and collaborative strategies to address global challenges like climate change.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including the Mayors of Piraeus and Guangzhou, Mr. Yiannis Moralis and Mr. Sun Zhiyang, and the esteemed Ambassador of China to Greece, Mr. Xiao Junzheng.

About Piraeus Port

Piraeus, the leading port in Greece and a prominent player in the Mediterranean, serves as a vital hub for international trade, significantly impacting the local and national economy. Established in 1924, the port boasts a diverse range of activities, encompassing commercial and central operations, ship services, and real estate development.

Piraeus Port not only connects mainland Greece to its islands but also functions as a major international cruise center and a commercial hub for the Mediterranean, offering services to vessels of all sizes and types. Today, PPA S.A. employs over 1,000 individuals and annually serves more than 24,000 ships. The organization continuously strives to contribute to economic growth, both locally and nationally, through infrastructure upgrades and enhanced service offerings.

PPA S.A. envisions itself as a modern and dynamic entity providing high-quality services, fostering investor satisfaction, securing long-term employment, and streamlining commercial transactions within Greece. This aligns with the national economic goals and serves consumers efficiently within the global port industry framework.

Piraeus Port’s strategic location and robust infrastructure offer unique advantages. Situated near Athens and only 10 kilometers from the city center, it functions as the primary gateway for Hellenic imports and exports. Its proximity to international trade routes further solidifies its position as a crucial hub, being the sole European port in the Eastern Mediterranean equipped to handle transshipment cargo.

Source Piraeus Port Authority