Peninsula STS LNG Bunkering for EPS’s Starway in Gibraltar

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Peninsula Supplies STS LNG Bunkering to EPS Starway

Peninsula, the leading independent global supplier of marine energy, has successfully completed LNG bunkering the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas as a marine fuel to Singapore-based, Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd.‘s (EPS) vessel Starway.

The delivery took place on 29-30th November at the Gibraltar Port’s Western Anchorage. Peninsula’s Levante LNG, the company’s first purpose built 12,500m3 LNG bunker vessel, supplied EPS’ Suezmax crude oil tanker with approximately 3,500m3 of LNG.

Nacho de Miguel, Peninsula’s Head of Alternative Fuels & Sustainability said: “EPS vessels like the Starway and her sister, the Greenway, the world’s first LNG fuelled Suezmax tanker, are paving the way for a lower carbon future. Through our investment in assets like the Levante LNG we can close the supply chain loop to give these vessels access to lower-carbon fuels in the world’s leading ports. I want to thank EPS for partnering with Peninsula to help power them towards a more sustainable future.”

Capt. Suraj Sundaresan, General Manager, Operations at EPS added: “Peninsula bridges shipowners like us who are at the forefront of the industry’s energy transition, and Ports who are evolving to host alternative-fuel powered vessels. Our vision to lower emissions is mirrored in Peninsula’s desire to provide lower carbon options today. The availability of low-carbon fuel supply is incredibly important. As the demand for alternative fuels towards decarbonisation increases, we rely on suppliers like Peninsula to help keep our state-of-the-art alternative-fuelled ships moving.”

Earlier, Peninsula successfully supplied their First Physical STS Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Bunkering to Royal Caribbean Group’s cruise vessel, Silver Nova, in Gibraltar on November 4th. This achievement, facilitated by Peninsula’s advanced 12,500m3 LNG supply vessel, Levante LNG, marks a strategic move into the physical LNG bunker supply for the company. Operating in the Strait of Gibraltar and Western Mediterranean ports, Levante LNG showcases Peninsula’s commitment to providing lower carbon alternatives to the global LNG-powered fleet. The success of this operation represents Peninsula’s proactive stance in advancing a lower carbon future and sets the stage for further collaborative efforts in decarbonization.

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