Oxylus Energy’s Breakthrough in Renewable Methanol Fuel

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Oxylus Energy breakthrough renewable methanol

Yale-Based start-up sets sights on production level Renewable Methanol Fuel for Aviation, Maritime and Petrochemical Industries, Oxylus Energy, formerly known as Carbon Loop, announced that it has successfully passed key benchmark tests for the deployment and commercialization of its proprietary catalyst and electrolyzer technology in a 5 cm2 cell. This is a critical platform for design iterations, as it offers significant predictability for performance at the size of commercial-scale cells.

No existing company has achieved the capability to convert captured carbon dioxide into methanol using an electrolyzer at room temperature & pressure at a production-level scale. Oxylus’ technology, however, holds the promise of being one of the most cost-effective methods for generating renewable methanol, potentially surpassing fossil-derived methanol. This groundbreaking potential positions Oxylus at the forefront of innovation in this field.

Methanol, the simplest liquid hydrocarbon, becomes an ideal application for utilizing captured carbon dioxide. It also serves as a direct fuel for shipping, can be easily upgraded into aviation fuel and acts as a versatile feedstock for various chemicals and plastics. This has the potential to decarbonize 11% of global emissions – a huge opportunity.

By directly converting CO2 into methanol, this avoids the use of a second reactor to create H2, Oxylus’ process saves costs and energy. Producing methanol as the only liquid end product also reduces separation and distillation expenses, making the entire process simpler and more cost-effective than other CO2 electrolysis methods.

With the successful validation of its 5 cm2 platform, Oxylus is immediately prepared for the next phase of development, gearing up for tests at 10x scale before the end of the year. The upcoming trials will focus on the newly designed and constructed 50 cm2 cell and incorporate stability testing into the evaluation process.

Perry Bakas CEO Oxylus Energy

“This successful test confirms our capacity to generate renewable methanol on a platform that instills confidence in our ability to scale. The 5cm2 unit is the cornerstone of any electrolysis company as it has a high predictability for performance at the production scale. While diligently testing our 5cm2 electrolyzer, we simultaneously developed a larger 50cm2 counterpart to prove that we can develop larger electrolyzers that are firmly off the bench-scale. Our sights are already set on the next significant step on our scale-up journey – a production-level cell,” said Perry Bakas, Co-Founder of Oxylus Energy. “Major industries like the aviation, maritime and petrochemical industries need clean, renewable solutions now. We are not wasting any time.”

About Oxylus Energy

We are Oxylus Energy, the carbon conversion company, an innovative chemical company built for our decarbonized future. Our breakthrough technology eliminates emissions by converting CO2 into everyday product and fuels that today are made from polluting fossil fuels. We call this carbon conversion. We’re reinventing industry of the future, removing and recycling CO2 for a circular economy.

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