Onyx Power plans to build plant for Blue Hydrogen

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Onyx plans for Blue Hydrogen plant at Rotterdam port

Onyx Power wants to make a significant contribution to emission reduction in the Netherlands. In order to reach this goal Onyx Power plans to build a hydrogen production plant at its existing site in the port of Rotterdam to produce low carbon blue hydrogen.

With a capacity of 1,200 MW the plant could produce some 300 kiloton per annum blue hydrogen, to decarbonize industry and meet national decarbonization targets. The CO2 produced while making the blue hydrogen would be captured and stored in depleted offshore gas fields. By doing so, 2.5 million tons of CO2 could be saved annually.

In order to be able to develop this project, Onyx Power has announced to the responsible Environmental Protection Agency (DCMR) to carry out an environmental impact assessment in accordance with the Environmental Management Act. As part of this procedure, the company has published a Notitie Reikwijdte en Detailniveau (NRD), which describes the intended scope of the environmental impact assessment.

Source Port of Rotterdam