MEYER WERFT and Disney Cruise Line Mark Keel Laying Milestone

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Meyer Werft on Disney Cruise ship

Today marked a significant milestone in the construction of the next cruise ship for Disney Cruise Line as MEYER WERFT, one of the world’s largest and most modern shipyards, hosted the traditional keel-laying ceremony. The event heralded the commencement of assembly for the vessel’s hull, symbolizing a crucial step forward in the shipbuilding process.

The newly christened vessel is set to become the sister ship of the Disney Treasure, currently under construction, and the Disney Wish, which made its grand debut in 2022 to much acclaim.

In a ceremony steeped in maritime tradition, Philip Gennotte, Portfolio Project Management Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering Germany, had the honor of placing a lucky coin beneath the keel of the new ship. This symbolic act, signifying good fortune and safe passage, preceded the lowering of the keel-laying block onto the bracing, securing the coin for the journey ahead. The block itself measures an impressive 38.9 meters in width, 14 meters in length, and 6.3 meters in height.

Meyer Werft on Disney Cruise Coin

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Thomas Weigend, Chief Sales Officer of the MEYER Group and Managing Director of MEYER WERFT, expressed pride in the ongoing partnership with Disney Cruise Line. “With the keel laying, we have reached another milestone in our partnership with Disney Cruise Line. The third ship in the Wish class will also impress with MEYER quality and be rich in Disney storytelling,” said Weigend.

The third vessel in the Wish class is anticipated to feature approximately 1,250 cabins and boast a size of around 144,000 gross tons (GT). Scheduled for delivery in 2025, the ship will join its predecessors, the Disney Wish and the soon-to-be-delivered Disney Treasure, in incorporating a low-emission LNG propulsion system, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

In addition to its shipbuilding endeavors, the MEYER Group is actively involved in the conversion of the Disney Adventure cruise ship in Wismar for Disney Cruise Line, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and excellence in the maritime industry.

Meyer Werft on Disney Cruise ship Keel

MEYER WERFT, founded in 1795 by Willm Rolf Meyer in Papenburg, Germany, stands as one of the preeminent shipyards globally. Now in its seventh generation of family ownership, the company continues to uphold its legacy of craftsmanship and innovation. Alongside NEPTUN WERFT in Rostock and MEYER TURKU in Finland, MEYER WERFT specializes in designing and constructing cruise ships, river cruise ships, and ferries tailored to the unique specifications of its clients.

With 3,300 employees, 57 cruise ships to its name, and over 228 years of experience, MEYER WERFT remains at the forefront of shipbuilding excellence, shaping the future of maritime travel with its expertise and dedication.

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