Marina Port Vell Launched New Pipeline Bunkering Service

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Marine Port Vell Launched Pipeline Bunker Supply Service

Marina Port Vell Barcelona, renowned as the premier superyacht marina in the Mediterranean, has unveiled a groundbreaking pipeline bunker supply service in collaboration with Termopetroli, a leading company in the field. This exclusive agreement establishes Termopetroli as the sole provider of all fuel supply services at Marina Port Vell.

The introduction of this cutting-edge pipeline bunker supply system marks a significant leap forward in efficiency and flexibility for clients berthed at the marina. In line with the marina’s strategic investment plan, the innovative service aims to mitigate environmental contamination risks while prioritizing safety. By eliminating the need for vessels to navigate to loading docks or gas stations for refueling, Marina Port Vell has installed a state-of-the-art 510-meter pipeline distribution network.

This newly implemented system allows for direct fuel supply at mooring points through a high-capacity pumping mechanism. Capable of loading between 400 and 450 liters per minute, the system enables the rapid refueling of superyachts. For instance, a 60-meter superyacht with a 100,000-liter capacity can now be refueled in just 4 hours, a process that typically took 8 hours with conventional pumps.

This forward-thinking service is a testament to Marina Port Vell’s commitment to providing the most modern and efficient amenities in the market. Clients can now refuel without the hassle of relocating, halving the bunker supply time and significantly enhancing the overall experience. Importantly, the new system reduces the risk of environmental accidents and contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

To bring this innovative service to fruition, Marina Port Vell has entered into an exclusive partnership with Termopetroli, a leading player in the supply of marine fuels and lubricants for superyachts. Termopetroli will extend the same service to the gas station, commencing this November.

Marina Port Vell stands as a world-class marina for superyachts, strategically located in the heart of Barcelona. Originally constructed for the 1992 Olympic Games, the marina recently completed its transformation into a premium facility with 60 superyacht berths, solidifying its status as the ultimate destination for yachts up to 190 meters. This latest innovation reinforces Marina Port Vell’s position as a pioneer in delivering unparalleled services to the global superyacht community.

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