Jan De Nul and BMT’s B100 Bunkering Milestone in Germany

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In a groundbreaking development for sustainable maritime practices, Jan De Nul has partnered with BMT Bunker and Mineralöltransport GmbH to execute a historic bunkering operation in Germany. The bunker was supplied for Jan De Nul‘s trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Kaishuu. This pioneering delivery marked a significant milestone, as it involved the transfer of 1,200 tons of UCOME (Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester) – an environmentally friendly biodiesel derived from recycled cooking oil, representing a 100% sustainable biofuel.

Jan De Nul Group, a key player in the maritime industry, emphasized the remarkable environmental benefits of this endeavor. By opting for this innovative delivery, the operation achieved an impressive 85% reduction in CO2 emissions across its entire lifecycle. This substantial reduction makes a significant contribution towards mitigating the maritime sector’s climate impact, taking a noteworthy step closer to a more sustainable future.

The delivered biodiesel, provided in the form of B100, signifies its use as a complete replacement for traditional fossil fuels. This transition marks a substantial shift towards reducing the environmental footprint of maritime operations.

To facilitate this eco-friendly bunkering operation, BMT Bunker and Mineralöltransport GmbH deployed the Finja tanker, ensuring the secure and efficient transfer of UCOME to the TSHD Kaishuu. This collaborative effort marks a pioneering achievement in the pursuit of environmentally responsible maritime practices, setting a new standard for sustainable operations within the industry.

Source BMT Bunkers