HELLENiQ ENERGY – The New Name of the HELPE Group

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Helleniq Energy New Name of Helpe Group

The new corporate identity of the historic Group was unveiled

A change of page, with a new name and a radical renewal of the image for HELLENIC PETROLEUM,with the Group’s Management officially presenting the new corporate identity, which is part of the overall rebranding of the Company. The name “HELLENiQ ENERGY”, refers directly to the heavy legacy of the Group, but also to its will to evolve into the future of “smart” energy, alternative sources and the low-emission economy.

After 64 years of successful course with strong growth, but also substantial support of the Greek economy, the new corporate identity of the Group formally seals the rapid implementation of the strategic plan “Vision 2025” that began in 2021. The aim is to lead it to a new era of dynamic sustainable development, with the implementation of important projects for the transformation and modernization of refineries, the rapid development in Renewable Sources and “green” energy, but also the entry into new markets and products. As announced, the completion of the first phase of this strategic plan included the change of name, logo and corporate identity of the Group. The presentation took place at the Cultural Center “Hellenic Cosmos”, in an event addressed by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas, while it was attended by many guests and representatives of the business community.

At the heart of the Group’s new logo remains the small bright star, as a spark of creativity and an element of guidance in the new era. The horizontal blue and white lines that were inspired by the Greek flag have turned into a ripple that resembles an energy wave. A large part of the name refers to the Greekness and the legacy of the previous name, while the ending of the first word refers to the future of the energy transition and the provision of “smart” energy solutions. The latest “ENERGY” indicates the transformation from an oil company to an organization that will operate in the entire spectrum of energy, incorporating ESG criteria in its operation, but also in the future priorities of the sustainable development strategy.

During his speech during this special event, the CEO of “HELLENiQ ENERGY“, Andreas Siamisis, unveiled the new corporate identity, stating: 

“We design and implement a cleaner and more sustainable future for all. That is why, as the energy market changes, we are also changing to promote cleaner forms of energy. “HELLENiQ ENERGY” seeks to continue its very good course and to be a model company in Greece, leading the developments and contributing to the green growth and energy transition of the country. At the same time, however, it is equally important that it adapts its traditional activities to a new environment and continues to be a key pillar of security of supply, especially in times like the one we are going through. Our goals to substantially reduce our environmental footprint are ambitious, but achievable, so that we can effectively contribute to addressing the consequences of climate change. I would like to thank all those who believed and participate in this journey and especially the shareholders, the executives and all the employees of the Group, but also our customers and partners, who are an integral part of our activity. The course will not always be easy, but the goal must remain constant. With responsibility and appetite for creation, but also with the new renewed corporate image that offers us a new perspective, we supply with energy the tomorrow that we all deserve”.

For his part, the President of the “HELLENiQ ENERGY” Group, Ioannis Papathanasiou, pointed out characteristically

“Behind us we have 64 years of exemplary course, with our Group playing a leading role in the business life of the country. Today we redefine our corporate identity, with a new name that represents an Organization that continues to write its history, with a clear vision for the future. We want Greece to be at the cutting edge of European developments in the field of energy. For our part, we are committed to assuming our rightful role as a leading company in the country, with a substantial development footprint and a strong national and social consciousness. The now visible and measurable benefits of our new business strategy allow us to be optimistic and look forward to even more dynamic growth. We walk with the right planning, the assurance of the required resources, the will, the passion, the determination and, above all, the strength of the Group’s employees who share our vision, serve it daily in practice and whom I warmly thank for their contribution.”

Then the Minister of Energy and Environment, Mr. Kostas Skrekas, stated that he was completely satisfied with the Excellent Performance of the Group at all levels and its long-standing support for the achievement of the country’s energy goals, noting: 

“The change of name and corporate image of HELPE marks its transformation into an integrated Group for the production and marketing of all forms of energy, with an emphasis on its environmental footprint. It emphasizes on alternative energy sources such as RES, examines and develops new important pioneering activities such as hydrogen, while at the same time upgrading the already existing, important for the economy activities in petroleum products, with the aim of integrating new generation fuels with a reduced carbon footprint. HELPE’s transformation strategy is the biggest investment for tomorrow.”

The new corporate identity was unanimously approved at noon on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, during the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, while it was subsequently presented to all Management and staff, in Greece and abroad.