GeoServe Joins Veracity by DNV for Digital Innovation in Maritime

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Geoserve and Veracity by DNV partner

In an exciting stride towards innovation and excellence, GeoServe Energy Transport DMCC, a forefront provider of Commercial Voyage Management solutions, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Veracity by DNV, the independent maritime cloud platform from DNV, to pioneer an automated data collection, processing, and verification process for their valued customers.

By integrating GeoServe’s innovative data collection and processing approach with DNV’s unparalleled maritime expertise and digital assurance capabilities, users are poised to reap numerous benefits. It will eliminate the need for multiple daily voyage reporting forms by the vessels, as all reporting requirements, from technical to commercial, can now be fulfilled using one single customizable Daily voyage report (called GeoForms). Additionally, GeoServe customers who use DNV’s Emissions Connect will have one single place where they can go to manage their emissions data, monitor, and access verification statements and perform voyage simulations and improvements for Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings and EU ETS allowances.

Furthermore, for existing customers of DNV, this will open the opportunity to utilize GeoServe’s expertise and provide them access to end-to-end Emissions management, including EUA trading and carbon accounting.

GeoServe and Veracity by DNV share a common belief in the need to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies and data standardization in the maritime industry. With the partnership in place, the data from GeoServe will adhere to the well-established Operational Vessel Data (OVD) standard and be shared through Veracity’s integrated and secure pipeline for scalable data exchange. Common customers will enjoy real-time daily verified emissions data in an automatic process, providing trust in their emissions data for effective decision-making while reducing the administrative efforts concerned with their operational vessel data reporting.

“Our collaboration with Veracity by DNV is a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” remarked Capt. Shantanu Raje, GM – Emissions at GeoServe Energy Transport. “Together, we’re not just raising the bar; we’re reshaping the entire paradigm of what’s possible in the integrated Performance and Emissions sphere.”

“We are excited by the unparalleled quality of services provided by GeoServe and the signature provided by DNV on the whole processes, which is certainly the simplest and more effective solution to tackle present challenges in managing Emissions,” commented Mr. Francesco Bellusci, MD Scorpio Ship Management. “We have a high degree of confidence having selected the best possible pilots for navigating the yet uncharted waters of decarbonization routes.”

Mikkel Skou, Executive Director of Veracity, commented on the partnership: “We are glad to welcome GeoServe onboard as a valued integrated partner to Veracity. In Veracity, our ambition is to deliver trust and connectivity to industry digitalization, and partnering with data providers such as GeoServe is an important step in this journey. Together, we make it easier and more efficient for shipowners and managers to turn their operational vessel data from raw unstructured data into refined, standardized data that is verified by DNV.”

About Veracity by DNV

Veracity is DNV’s independent cloud, set out to deliver trust and connectivity to industry digitalization and decarbonization. It brings together all the key players in the maritime and energy industries, to drive business innovation and digital transformation over a common data truth. On the Veracity Marketplace, users can further browse, purchase and access relevant industry data, applications, and digital services. Today, more than 45,000 vessels are easily connected to the platform through the partner program and 300,000 users engage over Veracity, enjoying frictionless connectivity through the exchange of datasets, APIs, applications, and insights. 

About GeoServe

Founded in 2019 and built on a rich shipping heritage, GeoServe is redefining how the maritime industry can optimise various functions of vessel operations when viewed through a commercial prism. With a diverse portfolio of on-demand voyage management solutions, including vessel performance, emissions management, bunker procurement, laytime services, and port disbursement management, GeoServe aims to unlock efficiency and maximize productivity for Vessel Owners, Managers and Operators.

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