Fratelli Cosulich Orders Two Methanol-Ready Bunkering Tankers

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Fratelli Cosulich Group, a globally recognized shipping and logistics enterprise, has announced a significant expansion of its fleet with the placement of an order for two 7,999 dwt IMO2 chemical bunkering tankers at Taizhou Maple Leaf Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. The order includes options for two additional units, showcasing the company’s strategic growth ambitions in the maritime industry. The first of these vessels, designed to be methanol-ready, is scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2026.

These newbuild tankers are versatile, capable of transporting a variety of cargoes including fuel oil, biofuels, and methanol in their specialized cargo tanks. This flexibility enhances their utility and positions them strongly in the evolving market for sustainable marine energy solutions.

“This investment marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainable and efficient maritime operations, we are dedicated to advancing fleet operational excellence while contributing positively to environmental stewardship.” Shared Fratelli Cosulich Group.

The company’s approach underscores its dedication to environmental responsibility and technological innovation, driven by the expertise of its team and a fleet optimized for the transition to sustainable marine energy. Fratelli Cosulich Group’s existing fleet includes twin small-scale LNG bunker vessels, Alice Cosulich and Paolina Cosulich, which are already operational and catering to the increasing demand from LNG-fueled vessels.

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“In addition to expanding our fleet, we are diversifying our capabilities to embrace a multi-fuel future, Vessels like Marta Cosulich, our first IMO2 chemical bunker vessel capable of delivering biofuel and methanol, exemplify our commitment to driving industry standards forward.”

The strategic decision to invest in alternative fuels not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also positions Fratelli Cosulich Group as a leader in sustainable maritime practices. The company, founded in 1857 and currently owned by the Cosulich family in its seventh generation, operates globally with 14 business units and 133 companies across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Since 1969, it has been a key player in the marine fuel industry, serving as both bunker trader and vessel owner, including its pioneering role with LNG small-scale bunker vessels in the Bay of Singapore.

With the forthcoming delivery of their second IMO2 chemical bunker vessel and the ongoing expansion of their fleet, Fratelli Cosulich Group continues to shape the future of maritime transport, embodying a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence.

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Fratelli Cosulich Group is a globally recognized shipping and logistics enterprise with a legacy dating back to 1857. As a family-owned business now in its seventh generation, the company operates across 27 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Specializing in marine fuel trading and vessel ownership, Fratelli Cosulich Group remains at the forefront of the industry with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and technological advancement.

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