EXMAR to Equip Gas Newbuilds with Ammonia Dual-fuel Engines

by Admin
Exmar Seapeak LPG newbuild ammonia engines

A joint venture between EXMAR and Seapeak is proceeding with the use of ammonia as a marine fuel for two Midsize Gas Carriers (MGCs) currently under construction at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea.

These ships will mark a groundbreaking achievement, as they will be the first ocean-going vessels powered by dual-fuel ammonia engines, effectively reducing emissions to nearly zero when using ammonia as the primary fuel. The engines for these vessels will be supplied by WINGD, while the fuel supply system will come from Wärtsilä Gas Solutions.

Carl-Antoine Saverys, the Executive Director at EXMAR, expressed their pride in “being global transporters of ammonia and leading the charge in developing vessels with an exceptional operational carbon footprint reduction of 90%. This reduction significantly surpasses the emissions reduction targets set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). He credited this achievement to the vast experience of EXMAR’s operational and technical teams, as well as the collaborative efforts of all project partners.”

The two Midsize Gas Carriers, each with a capacity of 46,000 m³, are slated for delivery in early 2026. Throughout the vessel’s design and development stages, great attention has been devoted to operational safety, especially when handling a potentially toxic substance like ammonia in the engine room. The risk-based design appraisal was conducted by the classification society Lloyds Register, and it took into account insights from experienced crews. This approach was endorsed by the Flag State (Belgium) and will continue to guide further design enhancements, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

EXMAR, a global leader in the maritime transportation of ammonia and LPG, as well as in gas transformation, has a rich history of innovation in new ship designs. They were pioneers in developing the world’s first floating infrastructure platforms. With over four decades of expertise in handling ammonia cargoes, EXMAR and its dedicated seafarers are confident in their ability to safely and successfully navigate using this new zero-carbon shipping fuel.

EXMAR specializes in providing floating solutions for the operation, transportation, and transformation of gas. Their mission centers around serving customers through innovations in offshore extraction, transformation, production, storage, and sea-based transportation of liquefied natural gases, petrochemical gases, and liquid hydrocarbons. EXMAR aims to create economically viable and sustainable energy value chain solutions by establishing long-term alliances with top-tier business partners. They design, build, certify, own, lease, and operate specialized, floating maritime infrastructure with the highest standards in commercial, technical, quality assurance, and administrative management, catering to the entire maritime energy industry.