European LNG Leader Molgas Concludes First LNG Bunkering in Germany

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Molgas LNG Bunkering

Molgas, a prominent European small-scale LNG player, has marked a significant milestone by completing its inaugural LNG bunkering operation in Germany. Teaming up with Norwegian shipping company UECC, Molgas orchestrated the first-of-its-kind truck-to-ship bunkering operation on March 17th at the port of Cuxhaven.

During this operation, UECC’s LNG-powered hybrid Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC), the Auto Achieve, was fueled with 100 metric tons of LNG sourced from multiple trucks. This successful venture underscores Molgas commitment to expanding its LNG bunkering business, following recent operations in Belgium.

Prior to its endeavors in Belgium, Molgas, headquartered in Madrid and owned by French private equity firm InfraVia Capital Partners, concluded its maiden LNG bunkering operation in France. Moreover, Molgas has bolstered its presence in the LNG market by acquiring a 45 percent stake in Dutch LNG supplier Titan, with potential for further investment.

Molgas Energía, a subsidiary of Molgas, is a leading provider of energy services specializing in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for various sectors including industrial, cogeneration, vehicular, and maritime applications. With over two decades of experience, Molgas Energía has demonstrated sustained growth across Europe, offering comprehensive solutions to facilitate the adoption of natural gas as an economical, clean, and sustainable fuel.

Backed by a Natural Gas Trading License in Spain, Belgium, France, and Portugal, Molgas Energía boasts its own transport fleet and workshops for equipment manufacturing, ensuring seamless supply chain operations and round-the-clock after-sales service. Through its commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, Molgas continues to drive advancements in the LNG sector, positioning itself as a key player in the energy transition towards cleaner fuels.

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