Damen explores Zeabuz’s Technology for Autonomous Solutions

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damen explores zeabuz technology

Damen, a globally recognized leader in shipbuilding and maritime solutions, is embarking on an extensive exploration of Zeabuz’s cutting-edge technology for autonomous sailing. This collaboration signals Damen’s commitment to pioneering innovations in the maritime sector.

Damen and Zeabuz share a common mission to facilitate autonomous operations across various levels in the coming years. Zeabuz specializes in autonomous maritime software, employing a meticulous approach to bring autonomy to the market. This collaboration underscores Damen’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in maritime.

Zeabuz’s progressive introduction of autonomous solutions establishes a robust foundation, allowing for swift scalability across diverse applications. The integration of autonomy has the potential to revolutionize vessel operations, enhancing safety, optimizing asset effectiveness, and fostering the development of new business models.

The increasing industry interest in advanced autonomous solutions emphasizes the importance of collaboration with knowledgeable partners. The exploration process will involve rigorous testing, analysis, and collaborative efforts to identify areas where Damen’s expertise in systems integration can enhance Zeabuz’s technology.

This collaboration marks the next strategic step in Damen’s journey toward embracing innovation. As the partnership progresses, Damen and Zeabuz aim to unlock transformative applications, reshape the maritime landscape, and set new benchmarks for advanced and autonomous maritime technology.

About Damen

Oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers hold vast potential for trade, food, energy, and recreation. Safeguarding these resources responsibly is crucial for global prosperity and maintaining a habitable Earth for future generations. Damen is at the forefront of this mission, offering unparalleled maritime solutions encompassing design, shipbuilding, repair, and related services. Our versatile platforms empower customers for success while setting new standards in safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. As we aspire to be the world’s most sustainable shipbuilders, Damen builds upon a legacy of revolutionizing shipbuilding in the previous century through standardization.

With over 90 years and 6,500 ships later, the significance of standardization has only grown, particularly in the era of zero-emissions and digitalization. Collaboration is at our core, leveraging an extensive international maritime network to share knowledge and contribute to eco-friendly ships, sustainable local development, and prosperity.

As a family-owned business, Damen values fellowship, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and stewardship. Our playing field is the world, and our vision extends to the long term. We believe in our team and the strength of individuals, each dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction and making a positive impact on the world, with a keen focus on the next generation in every aspect of our business.

About Zeabuz AS

Zeabuz is a spin-off from the leading research community on autonomous vessels at NTNU in Trondheim, who built the world’s first autonomous urban ferry prototypes. We have assembled a world-class team of PhDs and entrepreneurs to build the world’s leading maritime autonomy solutions. Zeabuz business objective is to enable widespread sustainable waterborne mobility through their autonomy solutions combined with electrification and smart operational concepts.

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