ClassNK Awards AiPs for SDARI’s Green Fuels Vehicle Carriers

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ClassNK Aip for SDARI Green PCTC

ClassNK has issued Approvals in Principle (AiPs) for three vehicle carrier designs developed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI). (ammonia ready LNG dual fueled 7,000CEU, and both methanol/ammonia dual fueled 10,000CEU).

The first AiP acknowledges an ammonia ready LNG dual fueled vehicle carrier with a capacity of 7,000 CEU, a significant first in China’s independently developed design. For the ship with the dimension of LOA 199.99m x B 38m × D 37m, Draft 8.6m, SDARI integrates the GTT MARK III Flex containment system for LNG and ammonia fuel storage to maximize the cargo capacity efficiently.

Furthermore, ClassNK has granted AiPs for both methanol dual fueled and ammonia dual fueled vehicle carriers, each with a capacity of 10,000 CEU, which is envisioned to lead the development of ultra-large vehicle carriers.

SDARI has created these three models exemplify the new generation of green vehicle carriers, adaptable to various alternative fuel options and catering to future market demands. ClassNK has engaged in SDARI’s development projects and carried out its review in accordance with the relevant standards, including its latest structural rules Part C and Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels. Marking the AiPs as the milestone, ClassNK is committed to further providing expertise to assist the design firm’s initiative in expanding the industry’s pathway for the transition to decarbonization.

About ClassNK

ClassNK is registered as “Nippon Kaiji Kyokai General Incorporated Foundation” in accordance with applicable Japanese law. As ClassNK is a technically oriented, private foundation and its principal mission of ship classification serves the public interest, it is a non-profit foundation recognized as a general incorporated foundation (Ippan Zaidan Houjin) in Japan.


Established in 1964, Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute (SDARI), member of China State Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., (CSSC), SDARI provides R&D and detail design for various types of Merchants Vessels, Marine Resources Development Vessels and Equipment, Marine Scientific Research Vessels and Special Vessels.

SDARI has developed a total of over 1,200 different vessels and received over 350 awards from provincial level or above. In recent years, SDARI’s sustainable improvements of technical expertise and growing market share help to speed up the construction of the world-leading intelligent ship naval architecture institute.

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