Chimbusco: The First in Hong Kong with ISCC-EU Certification

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Chimbusco ISCC EU Certification Hong Kong

Chimbusco Pan Nation Sets New Standards, Receives ISCC-EU Certification for Marine Biofuel Supply, the First in Hong Kong.

Chimbusco Pan Nation, the leading marine fuel oil supplier and bunker trading firm in Hong Kong, proudly announces a significant accomplishment as the first physical bunker supplier in the region to be granted the prestigious ISCC-EU certification for its marine biofuel supply operations. This momentous achievement solidifies Chimbusco Pan Nation’s position as a trailblazer in sustainable marine fuel solutions, highlighting their unwavering dedication to advancing environmental initiatives.

Committed to driving decarbonization within the marine fuel industry and aligning with the objectives of MEPC 80, Chimbusco Pan Nation spearheads the promotion and delivery of cleaner energy sources. Collaborating actively with trading partners, the company is paving the way for dependable and eco-conscious supply chains for Marine Biofuel.

We are a leading bunker service provider headquartered in Hong Kong, with presence in Asia, America and Europe serving vessels operating around the world. Established in 1991, we are now the leading physical supplier in Hong Kong, efficiently providing professional services and quality products. In 2005, we had formed a joint venture with China Marine Bunker (PetroChina) Co., Ltd. (CHIMBUSCO), a major Chinese physical supplier of marine fuel, expanding our coverage from Hong Kong to China. Kicking start as a physical supplier, we are continuing to expand our services to provide global bunker supply solutions.

Source Chimbusco Pan Nation Petro-Chemical Co.