Axiom Global Concludes First Biofuel Bunkering in KhorFakkan

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Axiom Biofuel Bunkering at Khofakkan Anchorage

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable maritime operations, Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC, a Dubai-based bunker supplier, and its partner SPR Global Trading DMCC, a Dubai-based physical bunker supplier, have successfully completed their inaugural biofuel blend bunker supply at the Port of KhorFakkan in Sharjah, UAE.

The milestone achievement was marked by the delivery of 200 Metric Tons of B24 Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) to the Bulk Carrier MV GCL Narmada on January 9th. Notably, the biofuel blend used in this delivery was locally sourced and certified, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly bunker supply solutions.

Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC together in partnership with SPR Global Trading DMCC achieved a milestone in sustainable bunker supply delivery at KhorFakkan Anchorage.

This successful delivery represents a significant step in the company’s collaborative efforts to integrate biofuels into mainstream bunker supply operations, contributing to the reduction of carbon footprints in the maritime industry. The strategic partnership leverages Axiom Global’s expertise as a marine fuel supplier and SPR Global Trading’s proficiency in managing physical bunker supplies.

The Port of KhorFakkan in Sharjah served as the backdrop for this historic delivery, highlighting the region’s commitment to fostering sustainable and eco-conscious practices within the maritime sector. The companies involved express their dedication to driving positive change in the industry by providing innovative and environmentally responsible fuel solutions.

As the global shipping industry continues to navigate towards a greener future, Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC and SPR Global Trading DMCC stand at the forefront, setting a precedent for sustainable bunker supply operations. The success of this first biofuel blend bunker supply at KhorFakkan Anchorage reinforces the companies commitment to environmentally responsible practices and their contribution to shaping a more sustainable maritime future.

Source Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC