Avenir LNG reached milestone of its 100th Cargo Operation

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Avenir LNG 100th cargo operations transfer

Avenir Supply & Trading (AST), a subsidiary of Avenir LNG, has achieved a significant milestone by completing its 100th cargo transfer operation. Throughout these operations, which involved cargo loading, unloading, and bunkering, AST’s small-scale LNG vessels, namely Avenir Ascension and Avenir Aspiration, were utilized, with an impeccable safety record and zero lost-time safety incidents.

Peter Mackey, CEO of Avenir LNG Limited, expressed immense pride in reaching this milestone and commended the officers and crew for their exceptional performance. He also extended gratitude to the company’s suppliers, customers, and service providers for their unwavering support in enabling the successful operations.”

As AST celebrates this accomplishment, the company is determined to expand its presence and strengthen its position as a trusted partner in LNG markets worldwide. With a commitment to safety, reliability, and excellence, Avenir Supply & Trading aims to continue delivering exceptional services to its global clientele.

Source Avenir LNG