Alfa Laval on World’s First Methanol-fired Steam Boiler Solutions

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Alfa Laval to deliver the world’s first methanol-fired steam boiler solutions, enhancing fuel flexibility with methanol

Alfa Laval is taking a pivotal role in driving the marine industry’s transition to carbon-neutral green methanol with its methanol-capable solutions. The company has expanded its portfolio of alternative fuel solutions with the introduction of methanol-fired Aalborg boiler systems that offer exceptional fuel flexibility, accommodating a wide range of fuel types including methanol. This addition marks a significant milestone in the marine industry as it will be the first time a methanol boiler will be installed onboard a ship.

Fuel flexible & future-ready solution

The Aalborg boiler solutions are specifically designed with decarbonization and fuel transition in mind. Besides operating on today’s fuels, including low-sulphur fuels, biofuels and LNG, it is designed for compatibility with methanol and other emission-reducing fuels. Alfa Laval’s “ready boiler” concept provides a future-proof platform, allowing for easy adjustments to the existing burner and boiler pressure section as needed.

“Our boiler solutions are designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable shipping and ensure readiness for today’s and tomorrow’s emission-reducing fuels, including methanol,” says Jeppe Jacobsen, Head of Global Sales, Heat & Gas Systems, Alfa Laval. “Having been pioneers in delivering steam boilers for LNG, we are pleased to be the first to support our customers in their fuel transition with our methanol-fired boilers.”

Advanced technology for substantial fuel savings

Irrespective of the fuel choice, Aalborg boiler solutions ensure substantial fuel savings through exceptional thermal efficiency and the utilization of the innovative Turbo Clean, intelligent (TCi) technology. The TCi cleaning process not only enhances efficiency but also guarantees a prolonged boiler service life.

Alfa Laval has rigorously tested boiler operations with methanol at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre in Aalborg, Denmark since early 2021. In November 2021, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) granted Alfa Laval the first marine Approval in Principle for operating boilers on methanol. In less than two years, Alfa Laval is ready to deploy methanol boiler solutions for some of the largest shipowners, driving the adoption of boilers for alternative fuels across the maritime industry.

Alfa Laval is addressing a wider energy picture with both existing and new solutions. The Alfa Laval FCM Methanol, fuel supply system and a wide range of heat exchangers for methanol have long been proven at sea. With the addition of the Aalborg boiler for methanol, Alfa Laval is supporting shipowners in the design of methanol-fuelled vessels.

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